27 February 2013

The Nite Before..

The Nite Before? Hehe. Before the release of Fuzana Mokhtaza Femme Noir 2013 Collection! As per announcement on the FM fan page, all these new design will be release on 28 Feb. Great! Gaji dah masuk. Its been a while waiting for her new touch, and finally its almost here. So far ada dua je baru baju under her label. The design is up to date and for price, it is reasonable. I wonder the price for her new collection. Hopefully still reasonable. And my reasonable price is under RM300 or RM350 max! Bhahhaa.. 

I dont know which one to choose. I love both! Or maybe more. 

Below is another FM's previous collection. Mustard Kurung. Hehe.

Beauty Umaira

Sape tak kenal dengan owner Beauty Umaira ni kan? Yes, the famous and comel Kak Ton! Hehe, bukan nak promote or etc regarding this product. And Kak Ton tak suruh pon saya buat ni. Hihi! Just nak share my experience with Beauty Umaira. 

My aunty yang jual this product and I beli from her because I am very sure its the original one. Before beli tuh cousin I ada share her experience with Adam & Hawa, barulah I confident untuk try it too. Adam & Hawa is another product by Kak Ton as u can see in WHI. Cousin I ada masalah period pain yang agak critical I guess. Why? Sebab bila nak period the pain agak keterlaluan sampai makan panadol (for period pain) macam makan gula-gula. Her mum suggested to drink Adam & Hawa. Alhamdulillah now the pain dah reduced. If makan panadol pon x de la banyak dah. Just 1 or 2 biji je. Her sister also mengalami benda yang sama. 

So, one day i decided to try Beauty Umaira. I like the taste. And sekotak ni boleh tahan a month plus sebab during period x leh minum. One day, my office mate tanya ape I pakai kat muka. I said nothing. Yes, I dont like putting sunscreen, pelembap etc on face sbb my skin type is oily. Just makan Vitamin C (tu pon skip-skip). I ask why.. She replied, nampak macam glowy! I was like urghhh? Then another few more office mate kept saying the same thing. Weird! Then baru ingat pasal Beauty Umaira, dah almost a month minum everyday except during period. I told my office mate pasal Beauty Umaira and she came out with a theory yang mungkin Vitamin C lagi cepat diserap bila ambil together with Beauty Umaira. Haha! I've no idea!

So now is my second box. I guna sisa/baki yang melekat kat shaker tu buat mask and scrub muka. 2 in 1 action. I like! Hihi. Jimat kan? Rasa muka macam tegang je after sapu as mask. InsyaAllah akan continue sampai kotak yang ke-3. After that boleh je continue lagi but tak perlu minum everyday. 

DipnDip & Marmalade!

Actually dah lama dah kejadian ni. Tapi baru berkesempatan nak update blog. Hehe! End of January my sister ada at my house, saje datang jalan-jalan after SPM. And guess what? Before she came, she did listed a few kedai makan yang dia nak pergi! So during my off day, bawak dia g jalan-jalan at Bangsar because kami nak try the famous DipnDip. Its all about chocolate here! And the chocolate tasted very-very good. We ordered Three Layer Chocolate Crepe, Chocolate Stick and Strawberry Stick. Dengan tamaknya nak tambah Chocolate Fondant lagi but then we decided to hold it first. Kang x abis nanti rugi pulak. Three Layer Chocolate Crepe is a must try! Nikmat betol rasa dia. The chocolate tu rasa perfect! Not too sweet and very mild, creamy etc. Cant described it. Hehe! And for Chocolate Stick, rasa chocolate tu a bit pahit. I mean its different with the Three Layer Chocolate Crepe. So, if nak pay a visit make sure pergi in a group. 4 maybe? Sebab the portion tu agak banyak, nanti boleh order different menu and takdelah nak kena bayar banyak sangat. :p

After done with DipnDip, kami g jalan-jalan kat Telawi, banyakkan butik area situ. Rezeki my sister that day kami terserempak dengan Fazura and Sam tengah shooting kat area DipnDip, then both of them and the crew member pergi makan at DipnDip. Shes so beautiful and Sam sangat down to earth. 

Next we went to Bangsar Village sbb parking kereta kat sana, and that time dah almost time orang keluar pejabat. Nak balik takot jalan jam. So pusing2 dalam Bangsar Village. Then my sister cakap lapar! Sayyy whatt? Haha. Then dia teringat dalam list dia about this one kedai called Marmalade kat Bangsar Village. So, kami try it out la. From the review, a must try is lasagna. My sister ordered lasagna and I, of cos my fav aglio olio! Serious tak menyesal makan lasagna kat sini, the portion agak besar berbanding tempat lain and reasonable price. But for aglio olio, too many rasa ada and I prefer the original one macam kat delicious. But the presentation was nice thou. :)

21 February 2013

Bangkok again!

Early february before the sinus operation I went to Bangkok kan. Jyeahhh.. I survived Bangkok yaw! This time xde guide. Semua research sendiri. Now I know its not that hard. Boleh pegi lagi next time. :) But seriously nak g lagiii?? Yes, sebab makanan dorang! Hehe. Rasa nya kalau pegi for a week I surely can gain weight. Makan je keje. Hihi! Bangkok, nantikan lah kedatangan saya lagi.

p.s: Xnak ke buat bullet train sampai Bangkok? ;p

09 February 2013

"Plastic Surgery"

Really? Plastic surgery?? Hehe. No lah, just kidding. I just had the sinus surgery je and today is my 4th day after the surgery. So far so good. Not much pain. Just having the uncomfortable feeling inside my nose. Feels like something blocking my nose and not able to breathe through the nostril of cos.. Hehe.. 

Btw, before the operation i went to Bangkok. It was a wonderful trip and yeayyy we survived! I am really interested to learn Thai language. So far i only knew a few word such as number and the basic word for tourist. Its quite hard to learn especially the pronunciation. Hehe! 

Sorry for the short update since I am very very sleepy. Hihi. :p