28 September 2012

Past & Future

After done with the activity at Cu Chi Tunnel, our tour guide brought us to War Museum located in the city itself. Lot of pictures being display there. Not sure if 'tragic' is the right word to describe it. Hmm. The 3rd picture is the famous one and I've seen it before on TV before. National Geographic? Forgot already. Hee.. We did visit few places around town such as post office and other building. Cant remember the building name except HardRock. Haha. :p

26 September 2012

Spread Your Wings

Loving my Passport Cover so much!
Bought it from BuyWallSticker for only RM7. 

are you ready to fly?
we're starting on a nice trip,
don't be afraid,
spread your wings!

23 September 2012

Cu Chi Tunnel at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I wasn't planning on going to Vietnam actually but then after being seduced by my office mate, I agree to follow. By the way, for this trip we took package from Al-Kawsar Travel. We arrived at HCMC airport late evening, so no program for that night. Our tour guide brought us to Saigon Seri Penang for dinner. It was delicious! The next day, we visited Cu Chi Tunnel. It was Viet Cong's base during Vietnam War. Such an amazing experience to crawled walked inside the small tunnel. At the end of the journey, we have the opportunity to taste food during the war, tapioca and tea. Nothing special since we are Malaysian, and used to eat it before. :)

H&M officially in Malaysia!

Hip hip hoooray!
Yes, long queue but it was quite fast. Excited, everyone walked on the red carpet towards the entrance. Feeling like celebrity huh? :). Actually, I just want to window shopping since the payment day hasn't come yet. *sad*. But then, I ended up buying few things that still under my budget. A scarf and inner wear. Not able to hold the urge of wanting something nice anymore. :p