22 July 2014

Diana Danielle x EMEL by Melinda Looi

I bet everyone is crazy with their raya shopping list. I went to JM tower in Shah Alam to view his collection and goshhhh, too beautiful too describe. No wonder I saw each person carrying multiple paper bags. I guess they cant decide which one they want and end up buying all. Haha.

Okay, back to my purchase of Diana Danielle x EMEL by Melinda Looi. I bought a piece of modern kurung as below. The design is simple, I like it. I bought online from Fashion Valet. So after some times, the parcel arrived at my door step. I was excited like everyone else.

The real color is a bit darker from the online picture. Okay, that is fine with me. The material is stretchable, I'm not sure what is the exact name for the material but it easily ruined when it touches the sequin on the wrist part and yes, some already did. I can see the mark there. Then, I realized for the belt, they didnt sewn it nicely. Some of the beads felt off the grip. Hmm. You know, it will drag another and another rite.. Really disappointed. Later on, I decided to remove all the beads from that belt and sewn it directly on the shoulder and wrist part. The finishing also not nice, more like making it in a rush. For RM350 is it worth it? Should I stop complaining? I think this will be my last purchase from this designer. 

Next year, I'll surely be hunting for Jovian's. :)

I added few more type of beads to enhance (ecehhh) the color. :p

Selamat Hari Raya!!


13 July 2014

Best Brands of Hijab

 So far, below are my favourite brands of hijab. Love their materials and easy to shaped. Not much actually since I'm afraid to try out other brands. Some look nicer in picture but the reality is very disappointing. So yeah, I'll stick to below list for now. 

I love ShawlbyVsnow Shimmer series. The shimmer is not too much and the material is soft and not transparent. If I'm not mistaken the colors are limited. *sobs*
*major love*

This is VS Essential scarf. I have few colors from this series. The material is chiffon, not transparent and what I like the most is, easy to shape. The size is also just nice for me, not too small and not too wide. 
*major love*

Love how it easily shaped. :)

Marshmallowscarf is another brand that provide the best satin scarf so far for me. Their material are varies. Some are hard, soft, very soft, shiny, not so shiny etc. I have few colors too with this brand. All of them from different material and not transparent. They have 2 type of scarfs ; shawl and half moon. So far, I only bought the half moon type. 

Below is the one from a very soft material that I like the most. Really love the drapes effect when I'm wearing this hijab. 
*major love*

And this is the hard material I said earlier. The drapes is a bit stiff compare to the above material. In term of easily to shape or not I think sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. But the stitches is what I think they need to improve a bit. Not as smooth as ShawlbyVsnow.

Love the detailing of their scarf. The stitches is very smooth and they are using a high quality fabric for example a non-washable/dryclean satin silk, crepe silk and chiffon. No worries, they do provide the washable satin and chiffon range. With beads and without beads. 

Below is the one made from chiffon. I love the beads. Simple and nice.
*major love*

The other important thing is inner. My favourite brand since I started wearing hijab is El-Zahraa. Then followed by Al-Humaira Contemporary when they launched their Tiffany inner. Both are nice in term of material, comfort and coverage. 

Tiffany Inner
*major love*

Laqia Inner
*major love*


10 July 2014

Baked Macaroni

I was at my hometown and suddenly mengidam nak makan baked macaroni. Laju je tangan google resepi and found one yang menarik hati. Memula ingatkan susah nak buat, but bila baca the instructions xde lah susah sangat. Just follow je, InsyaAllah menjadi and ada rupa baked macaroni. Hihi. 

Btw, banyak jugak resepi-resepi menarik kat blog akak ni. 
Kalau nak tgk try la click this link : http://dayangjack.blogspot.com/

Resepi : DayangJack@DapurKu SaYang

Bahan-bahan : untuk 4-5 orang makan
2 cawan makaroni  + 1 cawan pasta spirals (direbus ala dente* dan toskan)
150 g minced beef/chicken
2 ulas bawang putih (dicincang)
1 labu bawang besar (dihiris dadu kecil)
1 tin kecil puri tomato atau 1 botol kecil sos spagetti
sedikit sos cili
sedikit sos tomato
sedikit garam
1 sudu besar mentega
Sos Putih :
2 cawan susu segar
1 sudu besar mentega
sedikit lada sulah
2 sudu besar tepung gandum (dibancuh dengan sedikit air)
1 slice cheesedale atau 30 g krim keju
sedikit garam dan gula
lain-lain : keju parut dan oregano

Cara-cara :
Cairkan mentega di dalam kuali dan tumis bawang besar dan bawang putih hingga naik bau. 

Kemudian masukkan daging/ayam cincang dan kacau hingga airnya kering. 

Barulah dimasukkan puri tomato atau sos spagetti. Gaulkan sebati. Kemudian masukkan sos cili, sos tomato, garam dan gula secukup rasa. Setelah kuahnya pekat. Tutupkan api.

Satukan kuahnya dengan pasta tadi dan gaulkan hingga rata. Boleh juga letak mushroom jika suka.

Sementara itu, untuk sos putih : Cairkan mentega di dalam kuali leper/periuk. Kemudian masukkan cheesedale atau krim keju. Kacau hingga cair. Barulah dituangkan susu segar. Masak hingga susu mendidih. Masukkan lada sulah, sedikit garam dan gula. 

Akhir sekali masukkan bancuhan tepung dan kacau lagi hingga pekat. Tutupkan api.

Sediakan bekas tahan panas atau loyang aluminium. Sapukan dengan mentega. Masukkan pasta tadi di dalamnya dan ratakan dengan sos putih.

Taburkan keju parut dan oregano.

Bakarlah selama 35-40 atau hingga keperangan dengan suhu 160C.

* al dente : cooked enuf to be firm but not so soft / tak keras dan tak lembut sgt
**cara merebus pasta : didihkan air bersama sedikit garam dan kemudian barulah dimasukkan pasta. masa memasak lbh kurang 7-9 minit ikut instruction pd bungkusannya. 

Cuba la. Serious sedap! :)