28 June 2013

Modern Western Cuisine, Taman Putra Perdana

A friend of mine yang kenalkan dengan restaurant ni. Almost every night bila kerja night shift akan g makan kat kedai tomyam nearby. Tak tau pulak ada nice, cool western restaurant kat area ni. X pernah ada rasa nak pusing-pusing area ni, tau pergi makan then balik office. Hihi. Restaurant ni tutup around 1am. Masa kami pergi tu dah around 12am dah rasanya, risau takot dah close order. Nasib baik tak tutup lagi, sempat la merasa makanan kat sini. I ordered pasta, mix seafood marinara and strawberry frizzy cooler (minuman). What I can say is ada banyak lauk! Berbaloi la kot bayar RM15.90. Hihi! The taste pon sedap! Herbs untuk kuah marinara tu memang terasa. Oh, the seafood are fresh too! Deco restaurant ni memang simple and cozy, ada rasa macam kat tepi pantai je or kat Greece. Sebab tema color biru! Haha. :p

Modern Western Cuisine
Jalan Putra Perdana 5c1
Taman Putra Perdana

Nampak tak ape yang saya nampak? The green color thingy hanging around the counter.. Its from Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan! 


Isabel Marant vs Steve Madden (or) Agape Boutique!

I love shoes freaking much! At one period I bought shoes just because they are cool, nice and awesome. But never use them! Just for the sake of collecting them and having pleasant feeling when viewing them. Gila! :p

Its been a while actually I managed to control this shoes addiction (like really?). I only bought what I need. But now this Isabel Marant sneakers is really driving me crazaaayy! I saw this shoes before and fell in love but dont bother of searching for the brand. Then lately, I've seen many Malaysian artist uploading their photos to the instagram wearing this shoes! And it reminding me of this (previously seen) shoes. I started to search for it and tadaaa.. Its ISABEL MARANT!

Price range $500 above!

Yeah I know Marant is pricey and its far away from my budget. Lucky I'm not carazaaayyy enough to buy this shoes and eat pasir for the whole month. Haha. So yeah, u can opt for another brand which also a well known one - Steve Madden. At least the concept still the same rite? Sneakers! Still stylish and look comfy too. 

Price range $90-$150 above!

OR you can just visit Agape Boutique. I'm warning u, Agape Boutique will drive u crazy! Too many beautiful shoes and the most important thing is - price! It is reasonable and affordable. If shoes really matter to u, buy because of the price not the brand and comfort is a must. 

Price range RM50-RM90!

24 June 2013

Island Hopping, Sabah (Part Five)

Okay, here is the last part of my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Island hopping! Tak sah datang Sabah kalau x visit the island kan. For island hopping ni kami pilih 2 islands je sebab masa tak mengizinkan. Our frist stop was Manukan Island. Banyak batu-batu kecil kat sini, or maybe kita orang salah pilih tempat. Airnya a bit keruh. Tak clear sangat, tak de mood nak mandi. Hehe! Just kidding, of cos la akan mandi.. Rugi datang jauh-jauh tapi tak mandi pantai Sabah! 

Welcome To Manukan Island! Ni pulau yang I cakap ada banyak batu-batu kecil tu. Kena jalan/berenang jauh sikit baru ada tempat yang clear with batu-batu. Sakit kaki! Kami pilih tempat yang tak ramai orang, sebab nak cari tempat yang air clear. Tempat yang ramai orang tu agak keruh la sikit and maybe tak banyak batu. Hehe! Oh ye, kat sini ada yang sea walking tu and the price agak mahal, diluar budget kami! So just tengok orang ber-sea walking je lah. Hihi! Kalau ada rezeki next time boleh cuba. :)

Next island was Mamutik Island. Love this island so much. Tak banyak batu-batu kecil and air dia cantik sangattt! Air color biru kehijaun. Rasa nak mandi-manda sampai petang tapi malangnya x dapat sebab flight kami around 6pm. So around 12-1pm kami dah sampai ke jetty semula and balik hotel untuk packing. 

As I said before, ni adalah budget trip. Overall we only spent around RM500 including flight, hotel, car rental, island hopping, tikets, food etc! And we have experienced mostly everything in this trip including cultural visit, nature; the famous Mount Kinabalu, Desa Cattle Farm, Poring Hot Spring and island; island hopping! 

20 June 2013

PORING Hot Spring, Sabah (Part Four)

Its been a while. Lazy to continue writing on my Kota Kinabalu trip ni. Hehe! So yeah, after visiting Desa Farm Cattle we continue our journey to Poring Hot Spring. As far as I can remember if you purchase ticket for Kinabalu Park, you can use the same to enter Poring Hot Spring. Correct me if I'm wrong. Gahh, I'm getting old! Hihi. Nothing much here other than the hot spring and waterfall I guess. We just spent a little time here since the swimming pool kinda full with children. But we did dip our feet in the dip pool provided. Ahh, lega rasa kaki dapat rendam dalam air panas after a long and tiring journey. Dah macam kat spa! Hehe! 

Day time is going to end soon so we decided to end our journey and headed to hotel as soon as possible. Its getting dark and kinda scary to drove at night. Ye lah, if anything happen to our car ke, sape lah yang sanggup datang tengah-tengah hutan belantara ni, plus its 1-2 hours away from town. And we were tourist, of cos we had no one to call! Tapi dalam nak cepat-cepat balik tu sempat berhenti tepi jalan amik gambar with amazing sunset! Duhh, then terus sambung perjalanan pulang. My friend need to pee but there is no public toilet or petrol station after pekan Ranau. She drove like crazaaaayy! Rasa macam kereta tengah terbang pon ada. Haha. Alhamdulillah we arrived at the destination dengan selamat. Nasib baik xde yang muntah lepas kuar kereta. :p

*Next will be the last one, Island hopping!"

19 June 2013

Review : ORIGINS products.

First of all, I'm not a beauty blogger so I'm not really good in reviewing products. Hehe! This is just my personal view regarding ORIGINS product which I purchased few days ago. I love them! So much! Hehe. Yeah, all of them, including the Zero Oil range on my previous post.

Okay, let start with Charcoal Mask (Clear Improvement). I love it! Hehe! As per told by the sales person, need to apply it of cos all over the face except eye area and make it thick until x nampak our skin. Biarkan for 20-30 minutes. Oh yeah, before that I did open my pores first using hot water, the steaming method. Don't wash your face using hot water okay! Haha. Later I wash my face using normal/cold water. Tadaaa! Its done. Nothing much to see on first usage but after 3 days usage then I can see my skin look clean and pores become smaller. I use it everyday for 3 days then on the coming week I use it twice a week. The texture is very thick (clay like) and I can feel it sucking out the dirt on my face! It has an active charcoal that extract the dirt from the pores. If you want to see its magic please follow the instruction given (steam>mask>wash off with cold/normal water). 

After mask, I just follow the normal skincare routine; toner, moisturizer, serum, etc.. And speaking of moisturizer.. I use ORIGINS GinZing Energy-Boosting moisturizer. Oh gosh, I seriously in love with the smell! Very refreshing. The texture is very light and oil-free. It got the orangey smell too if I'm not mistaken. Feeling like eating it! Haha. I guess its name speak the truth, Energy-Boosting!

Lastly, I use the Out of Trouble mask on my pimples! The sales person told me, take a small amount of the mask and put it on the pimples, then leave it until morning. Guess what? It work!!! My pimples getting smaller and less redness. This Out of Trouble do smell like a-very-serious-kind-of-medicine! Haha. And this remind me of Mopiko! The medicine to heal mosquito bites. So far I only use this on certain area and mostly on pimples. Not yet try on the whole face. This is a cream based mask and it can dry out skin but mine is oily so yeah.. it suits me well.. :)

For me, ORIGINS is really a good product. The price is still affordable and the most important thing is.. Powered by Nature and Proven by Science! :)

11 June 2013


Hooray! Finally had chance to visit my favorite skincare outlet at The Gardens Mid Valley City. Yeah, its ORIGINS! I had training at the place nearby so singgah la kejap untuk check out ORIGINS latest product GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturizer. Sangatlah tak senang duduk bila baca post dari blogger-blogger yang dapat invitation to the launch event. Pastu tertengok pulak video interview with this beautiful-sweet-doppleganger-vampire, Nina Dobrev also using this product. I want, I want! Hehe!

Since it just a quick stop at The Gardens, laju je jalan menuju ke destinasi. Haha! Sampai-sampai terus tanya ORIGINS beauty advisor yang sangat friendly and nice tu bout GinZing range. She explained this and that bla bla bla.. then I decided to buy two products! Biasalah bila kena pujuk rayu dari beauty advisor yang peramah macam Azilah, feeling nak membeli tu lagi bertambah. I bought the GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturizer and Clear Improvement (charcoal mask to clear pores). Since I got the promo card, I dapat Plantscription Anti-aging serum deluxe size for free with any skincare purchase. Hooray! Pastu tiba-tiba Azilah datang to me saying that skarang ada promo set for GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturizer and Clear Improvement (charcoal mask to clear pores)! I'm so excited. Beli dua product tapi dapat extra 6! And the most important thing is paying at the price of two! Hehe.. Check out the purchase below. :)

Omaigodd! Just realized its a complete set! Cleanser, moisturizer, mask, scrub, eye cream, serum.. 

**will try my best to post a review later**

05 June 2013

AROMA Ikan Bakar

After few weeks asyik cancel trip to Jeram for ikan bakar finally jadi kenyataan. I went there yesterday evening. It was a long journey sebab nak avoid jam and tak tau jalan mostly. Anyway, sampai jugak kat the famous Aroma Ikan Bakar ni. Luckily for us sampai before sunset and orang tak ramai lagi so we managed to get table facing sunset. Btw, this place ada different section which provided different ambience. There is a section called Saung and Bambo, need to pay RM10 and RM20, if you want to sit here. As we dont want to waste our RM10-RM20, we sat at the free section. I wonder if all the section xde kipas ke bcos my section was damn hot! Xde angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa and the roof made from zink memang la panas. Ke sebab xnak duduk section berbayar tak dpt kipas, tunggu angin free dari pantai? :p

Beria that day nak makan ikan bakar but takde sekor pon ikan kami order. Haha! Our lauk that day was sotong bakar, ketam cili and butter prawn. Yang paling sedap for me adalah sotong bakar with pencicah. Sotong fresh and sos yang disapu atas sotong tu sedap! Ketam cili pon ok, tapi ada rasa kari! Its ok, still sedap. Ketam pon banyak isi and fresh. Lastly, butter prawn yang tak rasa butter at all. The worst butter prawn ever but still forgiven sebab udang fresh. All the lauk enough untuk kami bertiga. Total bayaran was RM91.20. Ok la kot rasanya. Tapi xde nak datang sini lagi sebab jauh. If tetiba craving for seafood boleh pergi other ikan bakar shop in town. Maybe a lil bit pricey but ok la rite, no need to drive jauh-jauh. Eh, nanti xde feel la makan seafood kat town! Takde view pantai, sunset.. Haha.. ;)