30 April 2014

Worst Dentist Visit!

Seriously this is my first time dapat worst experienced during dentist visit. At first I just nak get some consultation je but alang-alang dah sampai better selesaikan je masalah yg ada kan. I saw or tau kewujudan dia when dia appeared on TV3, rancangan Wanita Hari Ini. Nampak professional and agak yakin la utk buat appointment. So, an appointment was made on April because ada promo - free consultation and dapat free gift too! 

Once reached the clinic and done with registration, I was escorted the the treatment room, I baring on the chair with nervous feeling then the doctor came and ask what I wanna do. Tengok macam nak tak nak je layan. Hmm! I bagi tau la this and that and dia cakap, yes we can do that. So dengan confident la nganga mulut kan. Once done, her assistance told me yang the treatment dah selesai and bagi I cermin utk tengok. I moved my tongue towards the gigi, I dapat rasakan ada ketulan near the gusi. That time rasa macam nak pengsan dah actually memikirkan ape la yang dia dah buat dekat gigi I. Then I told the assistance bout that ketulan. I x bagi tau the doctor sebab selesai je treatment dia terus masuk office dia. LOL? Tak tanya how was it ke? Ok ke tak? Hmm. 

Then she called the doctor again and dia repair my teeth. Guess what? I said ada ketulan dekat atas near gusi, tapi dia repair the lower part. Then I cakap lagi sekali kat assistance dia barula dia paham. Ok, first story done. I thought yang lain dah ok la. But when I tengok dekat cermin, I can see different color on my teeth! Kali ni mmg rasa nak pengsan yg teramat. Rasa menyesal pulak buat semua benda tu. I x puas hati then I complained kat assistance dia. The doctor macam agak diva la, lepas settle je keje terus masuk bilik dia. No communication or smile. More to fake smile adalah. 

Assistance suruh tunggu jap while dia masuk bagi tau doktor. Then I kena panggil g treatment room again. I ingatkan assistance dia dah bagi tau doktor dah, rupa nya belom lagi. Dia suruh I baring then dia informed doktor. Doktor ada cakap sumthing kat assisntace dia and then assistance dia datang kat I cakap "memang mula-mula macam tu, nanti lama-lama the color akan jadi sama". I asked how long will it takes and she replied in a week or two. She added, if anything wrong ke just datang balik okay.. Hmm. Not sure I'll visit this clinic again. So frustrated. Tengok dekat wall full with certificates but the result kinda disappointing. :(

Bahagianya muka akak ni jumpa dentist?! Lol.


23 April 2014

Dream come true - Final Day at Maldives!

The final chapter of Maldives! Hehe. Masa last day ni actually banyak lagi lebihan makanan yang di bawa dari Malaysia. Bawa makanan sekotak tapi 10-20% je kami makan. On the last day, baru ingat Nasi Lemak Brahim masih tak terusik. Dapat la merasa Nasi Lemak di perantauan ecece.. Haha! I panaskan air then rendam both packet dalam kettle tu. Half of the water pon dah mencukupi. While waiting, I went to the cafe and amik telur rebus untuk makan dengan Nasi Lemak. The taste was nice. I like the sambal very much. Next time travel boleh beli lagi. 

After breakfast, we had one last activity. Snorkelling! But not for me. I'm lazy to do so. So I just duduk dalam boat sambil borak dengan pakcik boat. Then dia tunjuk sumthing kat tengah laut tu. Mula-mula I tak paham, but then bila dia sebut "dolphin, dolphin" baru la paham. Dapat jugak tengok dolphin lompat-lompat sambil pusing-pusing badan. No picture sebab it was too fast!

Bila tengok my friends snorkel terasa nak je terjun but I'm lazy and afraid because I didnt request for life jacket. Nanti cepat penat. Bila semua dah penat, we went back to the hotel untuk berehat and kemas barang. Nasib baik they let us extend our stay without any charges. Flight malam okay, mana la kami nak duduk menunggu sampai pukul 10 tu. Haha. After dinner they send us to the airport. Yeay balik! :(

Maldives sangat-sangat awesome! Hope one day boleh datang lagi. :)


14 April 2014


Actual purpose I went to the mall was to shop for groceries. But then I passed by MAC store and I decided to enter. The salesman approached me and offered his assistance but I told him, "its ok, I just nak tengok-tengok je". Yeah rite! Btw, I like him as he did gave me space to view the products and gladly answer my question. Hihi. Some of the sales person more like insisting you to buy the products. Normally I will walked out from the store if I faced that kind of situation.

I was telling him that I missed the previous Rihanna red lipstick and wonder if there is any other new lipstick from Rihanna as I still can see her face all over the shop. We were talking near the payment counter then suddenly my eyes stop on one display near that counter. I told him "eh, this is Rihanna series too kan?" and he replied yes. He ask me to try it out. Then he added, "wear it with this lipglass, it will give a 3D effect on your lips". He helped me with the lipglass and that moment I fell in love with this collection! Seriously awesome!

This is me wearing only the lipstick (VIVA GLAM Rihanna, Frost A93). The texture is not too matte and not too shiny. Just nice. I can see the glitter thingy on the lipstick but when applied on lips its not that obvious.

Below is me wearing the lipstick + lipglass (VIVA GLAM Rihanna AA3). Check out that 3D effect. :)
 This lipglass also have that glitter thingy in red color. If wearing both kinda making too much statement, you can opt for only lipglass. Sorry I dont have picture for that, but the result still nice.


11 April 2014

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Finally had chance to try on the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Thanks to Sis Fatima from Fatimahearts for sending me the sample. So kind of you! I can wait no longer so I tried it out on my hand. I was at the office that time. :)

Oh yeah, the color match my skin very well. So now, if I wanna buy ALSF I have to worry no more! No. 8 it is! 

I think nothing much I wanna share bout this foundation as it already proven by many blogger out there. What I can say is, I like this ALSF! Oh yeah, compared to the L'Oreal True Match Foundation, of cos ALSF is much better. My skin stay matte with ALSF but with L'Oreal TMF made my skin a bit oily. And I dont like the smell of L'Oreal TMF. Btw, both are light weight foundation compared to my MAC. Anyway, as long as it make my skin even and matte then I have no problem with the light weight foundation. :)

I used the the ALSF during my visit to Modvier. Love the result so much. And the lips is from Maybelline Baby Lips that I won earlier from Sis Fatima's blog contest. All the way from Netherlands!

Papa mithali! Haha. My cousin's husband took care of the kids while we were busy shopping. They were running here and there and trying to open the fitting room curtain. Oppsy!


Wedding of Eila & Faz

Congrats Eila & Faz!

Lovely couple!

We were housemate during our study at Uniten. Yeah of cos, Faz not included! :p