27 December 2013

ootd & fotd #1

Actually this is my first time using and lukis my eyebrow. Saje nak try fill in the gap between bulu-bulu kening tu. Suka tengok Dian Pelangi punya kening, very nice! Hehe. So yeah, below are the result. But still x reti sangat untuk tebalkan kening belah kanan (ur right hand). Ish, memang kening kanan ni agak troublesome sikit. Haha. Kang lukis beria sangat jadi burung hantu pulak. :p

First look I'm using Victoria Jackson Survival Kit for eye shadow. Famous with her tagline - The "No-Makeup" Makeup. Love it. Also using SimplySiti brow liner and Eu-Star eyeliner. For blusher, first I applied the Nars, Orgsam and layered again with Victoria Jackson Shimmer Power Brush. And for lips, I used M.A.C lipstick I bought earlier - Impassioned. Oh, the foundation is from M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid NC42. 

Second look I'm using N@ked Basic eye shadow, SimplySiti brow liner and Eu-Star eyeliner. For blusher I used same method as above look. Hehe! Foundation is from M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid NC42. And for lipstick its a mixture of M.A.C (matte-Taupe) and Sephora Rouge R21 :)

Which look do u prefer?


18 December 2013

Dream come true - Maldives (Part 2)

On the second day, semua semangat bangun awal sebab dah tak sabar nak explore Maldives! After breakfast kami berjalan menuju ke jetty untuk cari any agent nearby. Kot-kot lah dapat murah dari harga pakej yang hotel sediakan. Tapi as per advised by beberapa orang yang kami jumpa pon suruh ambil pakej dengan hotel je. Xpe, kami semangat nak cari jugak. Kat area jetty Hulhumale memang xde so kami naik boat pergi ke Male. Tambang boat 5.50mvr (RM1.20). Sampai kat Male pon still cant find any agent. Penat bjalan ke hulu hilir. Lepas satu, satu hal yang nak dibuat. First, my friends nak g cari sim card, then ada yang nak tukar duit, cari kedai makan, cari kedai souvenir etc. Serious lenguh kaki berjalan. Haha. Lepas lunch around  3 or 4 pm kami pulang ke hotel dengan hati yang kecewa. Haha. Nearby the hotel ada sea pool, some of my friends dah pegi mandi-manda x ajak. Cis. Dengar cerita dorang mndi pagi tu buat I x sabar nak g tengok sea pool tu. Sampai je hotel letak barang terus terkam g pantai. Haha. Local people (kanak-kanak) siap main tolak-tolak lagi. Malu je kat dorang sebab I takot nak terjun. Haha. I can swim tapi tak confident kat tempat yang dalam, kaki x jejak tanah. Tambah-tambah pulak kat laut. Ishh.. Nasib baik xde wave so ok la, tak penat sangat nak float. :)

Masjid kat Hulhumale

Hulhumale jetty, jernih je air!

Election dorang on september kalau tak silap. Ada rupa Samy Vellu tak?

Inside the boat to Male.

Male town. This street agak busy.

View along the way and this one is in front of the pasar. Boat nelayan.

Pasar ikan. 

Fresh Tuna!

Tuna everywhere.

Ni main street yang dorang panggil "shopping street". Banyak kedai jual souvenir. 

Makcik-makcik Maldives

Our lunch! Saje try local food yang tak jauh beza dari our local food. Hehe. 4 orang makan cost around 135mvr (RM28). Siap tambah-tambah lauk lagi. Oh ye, dorang siap bagi sireh and pinang lagi! Tapi kami x nak sebab x reti nak makan. Haha. 

Annnnnnddddd.. ni la sea pool tu! :)


10 December 2013

SimplySiti Dermagic Relaxing Mask

I dont know why recently I'm so interested kat brand-brand macam SimplySiti, Bio-Essence, Nutox etc. As my previous post pasal Bio-Essence tu. First time guna sesuatu product sampai habis. Ok, sy tipu. SKII dulu pon smpi habis jgak. Hihi. Balik dari Maldives color kulit memang bertukar la kan. Pastu dah lepas seronok-seronok berjemur panas terik matahari tu tiba-tiba teringat member punya majlis khawin in a week time. Omaiiigadddd! Balik Malaysia kelam-kabut cari whitening cream. Haha. There u go, tu la balasan tak pakai sun block. Ish!

I went to Watson and guardian untuk beli all those whitening stuff. Haha. I bought Nivea Body Whitening Serum, SimplySiti Dermagic Relaxing Mask, Bio-Essence Bird's Nest Nutri Collagen & Whitening Mask and Nutox Reborn Exfoliator. Cita-cita dapat kembali normal in a week lah! Haha.

So yeah, let start with SimplySiti Dermagic Relaxing Mask. Why so confident nak try? Sebab Made in Korea! Hehe. I mean tak de lah quality dia mengarut sangat. Plus ada terbaca good feedback from SimplySiti user. Hehe. Mask ni ok jugak la, just tebal sikit dari mask Hansaegee. Got some nice smell, but not too strong. I like that this mask fit my face perfectly. How to use? Put the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then remove it anddd you are done. Last step is just to massage the face for a minute and no need to wash after application. Esok pagi bangun tido boleh rasa your skin feels very soft and bright too. And I realized that ada few pimples getting smaller. Wee! So yeah, next day pergi beli lagi few packets utk 2-3 weeks punya stock.


Dream come true - Trip ke Maldives!

A week past by but still cant believe that I've been to Maldives. Wohoo! How? Why? When? Bla bla bla.. Biasala bila rasa bosan and rasa lama tak pergi bercuti, tangan mula lah gatal check tiket flight, pakej etc. Browse punya browse ternampak satu deal untuk hotel in Maldives. Murah! Then terus check tiket flight MAS. Memang ditakdirkan la kot for me to visit Maldives. MAS tengah sale that time and the flight ticket was around 1k. Before sale, harga 1.8k! I bought the ticket around March or April. Lepas beli, we did nothing. A month before pergi baru kelam kabut plan. Not much of a plan sebenarnya. Hihi!

Oh, Airasia also ada offer flight to Maldives around September/October. Day flight if I'm not mistaken. Boleh tengok laut-laut Maldives! But for MAS it was a night flight. Boleh tengok lampu-lampu je la. We landed at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport around 10pm. Then transfered to the hotel, HolidayMakers Inn and sleep!

Meals from MAS. Potato salad biasa-biasa je. Tak tau apa nama dessert tu tapi mmg totally tak sedap! Yogourt pon! Erhh.. Tak leh nak telan. Luckily main course dia ok. Oh, siap ada capati cicah ngn dhal. Hihi.

Nak kena isi the arrival and departure form skali.

I love this hotel. Still new! Spacious room and living room for Super Deluxe. Its more like a studio apartment. Ada meja makan, sofa, LCD tv, aircond, kipas, hot/cold shower and dapur. Tapi dapur tu tak boleh guna. Maybe dorang tak nak amik risiko kebakaran etc. Kot-kot lah dapat guest yang cuai ke. Hihi. My room got balcony facing the sea but there are some construction going on in front the hotel. However, I still can see the sea but maybe later it will hardly seen bila bangunan depan tu dah siap. Its okay, laut depan tu not that beautiful pon compare to other places in Maldives. Btw, this hotel is located  at Hulhumale. It is an artificial island! Just 15 minutes away from the airport.

Some said (reviews on TripAdvisor) that they cant rest well sebab bunyi construction dari pagi sampai malam. But lucky for me I didnt hear any kind of sound or maybe I was too tired! Haha. They also provide breakfast. Not much but still boleh kenyangkan perut. Berbaloi la dengan harga yang dibayar. Plus, pekerja dorang pon baik. Good service and very helpful.

Distance from airport - 15 minutes
To the beach - 2 minutes (ada big sea pool!)
Ada kedai runcit just in front of the hotel. The price is reasonable.
Kedai makan just walking distance or you can just go to lobby and ask for the menu and let them help you to call for order.

Sebok g amik gambar kat bilik orang. Bilik sendiri lupa nak amik. Lol!
Ni bilik my friends. 3 of them lelaki. Dapat family room. Ada 2 bilik with bathroom dalam setiap bilik. Suka sangat hotel ni sebab tak rasa macam hotel. More to an apartment. Selesa!

My room pon ada living room macam ni tapi a bit smaller. Mine was Super Deluxe. 
Sorry for the low quality picture. Guna camera phone je.


**amboi, excited nak tulis pasal Maldives, trip Hatyai pon tak abis cerita lagi. :p

08 December 2013

Sunday Haul : M.A.C Lipstick

Its been a while x update blog. Busy berholiday. Hehe. 
Hmm, I hate meeting sales person yang peramah and pandai say nice words. 
Ish, my original intention nak beli a lipstick je but end up beli 2 lipstick and 4 lipgloss (limited edition set)!

This limited edition set consist of 4 lipgloss. Got different flavors and colors too except for mint; no color. Only can feel the mint sensation je and give the 3D effect. 

From left : mint, sugared vanilla, taste of paradise, dash of lavender.

And here are my 2 lipsticks. I wanted the Rihana's Limited Edition one but already sold out few days after launch. I saw a friend of mine wearing bright pink lipstick from M.A.C, its Candy Yum Yum if not mistaken. It was so nice on her so I decided to try it out. Haha. Gosh, its not suitable for me. Lol. So the sales person gave similar color, Amplified - Impassioned. Ok la, it suits me. Hihi. Then I saw another color which also quite nice, Matte - All Fired Up. It gave a nice and not so bright red. More to rose red I think. 

All Fired Up (under flourescent light)

 Impassioned (under flourescent light)

My problem now is, "when" and "where" I'm gonna wear all these!?

27 November 2013

Woot Woot!

Weeee! Holiday coming soon. :)

*picture post*


See u soon!

18 November 2013


Last saturday.. sending my baby sister off to her uni. :)

Shawl : Bershka
Top : Bershka
Trousers : no brand
Flats : Bershka

11 November 2013

Mamak oh Mamak!?

Few days a go I came across this post on fb. Its quite long but worth a read. Why am I writing bout this? Sebab after reading this post I faced similar situation but mine doesn't end well!!

*copied from Pakej Murah Korea fb page. 

Petang2 ini teringat2 plak satu pngalamn yg x pernah admin lalui sebelum ini bersama kawan2 korea..

Satu hari lpas kelas, group member (semua korean) ajak admin untuk lunch bersama2.. Dan memandangkan mereka tahu yg the fact admin beragama Islam, mereka memilih untuk memakan di kedai seafood di area univ... 

Restoran trsbut mnghidangkan mknn ala2 buffet, and since dah byr sorng dalam RM30 per person, so haruslah ambil sbnyak yg mungkin agar berbaloi dgn apa yg dah dibayar... Lepas dah kumpul mkanann yg nak di makan atas meja, one of my korean friend spotted sehalai rambut di pnghujung salah satu pinggan di atas meja kami...

Tiba2 salah sorng kawan korea admin pndng muka admin dan bertnya, "nak tngok satu magik x?"... admin reply, "magic apa?" Kawan korea admin kemudian trus mengangkat tngn dan memanggil waitress ke meja kami dan tanpa sebarang kata2, kawan admin terus menghalakan jari telunjukknya kpd rambut di hujung pinggan tersbut...Admin dongak kepala tngok muka waitress trsbut, terus berubah muka dia jd resah gelisah mcm as if dah buat satu kesalahan yg besar! Dia trus ambil pnggan yg berisi mknn bersama rambut di hujung pinggan itu dan tunduk maaf beberapa kali atas kecuaian ini...

Xckop lpastuh, dalam 10 min kmudian, MANAGER restoran tersbut keluar dan kali ini dia pula yg meminta maaf sekiranya kwujudan rambut trsbut mmbuatkan kami jd x selera untuk makan ketika ituh... Dalam hati admin, "xselera kebendanya? rambut tuh xkena pon mknn trsbut dan xpnjng pon rambut tuh pendek jer kot" 

Dan yg pling best, masa nak bayar tiba2 manager dah tnggu siap2 kat bhgn cashier dan trus ckp pd kami,"owh xpe2 kali ini xpayah bayar, free of charge...everything is on us this time Dan untuk next visit to our restaurant, each one of you will enjoy a 50% discount sbg tnda maaf dan galakkan untuk dtng lagi" 

Keluar dr restaurant, kawan admin tbe2 ckp "tadaa, inilah dia magic tuh! lain kali, kalau ad pg mana2 restaurant kat korea ni, jumpa lg anything yg x sptotnya dalam pnggan tuh, teros pnggil waiter/waitress dtng nnti sure dpt layanan mcm ni"

Masa tuh mmng terkjot beruk jugaklah sbb ada beberapa perkara yg admin pelik, satunya, restoran ini pon bukannya restoran 5 bintang, takat restoran biasa2 shj...keduanya, pihak restaurant tuh tros admit rambut tuh salah dorng dan mereka mereka langsung x argue tntng mana nak dtngnya rambut tuh, entah2 rambut tuh rmbut kitorang yg jatuh masa ambil mknn tuhpon mungkin juga kan? Bukan sbb apa, admin pernah lalui the same experience di Msia, ad rambut bkan tepi pinggan tapi DALAM MAKANAN, pnggil tuan kedai tngok, dengan selamba, eyh xde2 bukan rambut kami nie sbb chef2 masak smua pakai topi/tudung jaga... tros blaa dan buat x bersalah lngsung! 

Daripada pengalaman ini, satu yg jelas, mmng kita Malaysian as a whole still need to learn a lot esp dalam bhgn perkihdmatan... Menjelang 2020,kita mahu membentuk negara sebagai sebuah negara maju tp kalau negara je maju rakyatnya masih ramai lg yg di takuk lama, rasanya x guna juga sbb x seiring sekata... Kdng2 terfikir jgk, smpt ker, bukan Malaysia tp rakyat kita nie dpt berubah mnjadi "maju" mnjelang 2020? Satu persoalan yg perlu difikir sejenak oleh semua warga Malaysia...

p/s- perbualan admin dgn kawan admin ofcourse in korean yer bukan dalam BM sprt tertulis di atas uhuhu~ 
- gmbar courtesy from google pic,xada kaitan dgn crita ini


Nice ending kan? Haha. And my story goes like thisss...

Happened during my night shift, it was a busy night and I cant go out for dinner earlier. Dah almost 4.30am that time baru boleh keluar makan. So memang tak ada la kedai makan such as kedai tomyam etc still buka at this hour. No choice, my friends and I went to mamak nearby. I ordered Nasi Goreng USA sebab kelaparan yang teramat. Bila nasi goreng dah sampai I can see ada sumthing wrong dengan nasi goreng ni. Nampak a bit kembang macam nasik yang dah masak tapi rendam dalam air (dunno how to explain, but sumthing like that lah). So I pikir, terlebih air kot.. But then when I suap ke mulut and kunyah nasi tu masih ada rasa keras. I bagi tau my friends "cuba rasa nasi ni jap.. macam pelik je". My friends also gave the same reaction. Nasi keras and ada weird taste. One of my friend panggil mamak tu and cakap nasi ni ada sumthing wrong, keras.. tak masak. Mamak tu cakap "oh ye ke.." sambil angkat pinggan menuju ke dapur. I panggil dia lagi "x payah tukar la, just bagi nasi putih". Malas nak tunggu dorang goreng, I was damn starving. The whole day x makan ape-ape. 

Then he came with nasi putih I requested. Condition nasi sama with the previous nasi goreng. But still berharap nasi tu ok, I suap ke mulut and YES, same!! Kembang and tak fully masak. I told him "sama la dengan nasi tadi" then his co-worker datang tempat I and tanya "kenapa dengan nasi ni kak?". I replied "keras and rasa pelik, basi ke?". Guess what, the co-worker dengan selambanya amik nasi tu with his bare hand and suap ke mulut dia and cakap "tak ada ape pon, ok je rasa". I was clueless! Then I amik secubit lagi from the front part suap masuk mulut dengan harapan I can explained the taste. Haha. The funny part was, dia pon pegi amik secubit nasi also from the same spot kononnya the damaged only happened kat front part. WTH. Hmm. I was like, kalau nasi tu okay ponnn ingat I nak sambung makan bekas tangan dia? Lol! Then mamak tu bawak nasi tu pergi dapur and came again with new plate. I said "tak pe tak pe, saya makan lauk je. x nak nasi". Tapi dia still letak nasi tu atas table and I tak sentuh pon. Dah seelsai makan I went to counter untuk bayar, and mamak tu cakap tak payah bayar. I was happy with the part tak payah bayar but still patut ke dia served customer with that kind of food quality. And the way they treat customer macam hmmm.. They didnt shout at me but kot ye pon tak payah la nak guna tangan kan masa try nasi tuuuu.. Buat I terpikir how they "really" handled the food behind our back. And no apologize received from the one yang dok argue with me, just from the one yang amik order.  

Two story, same situation, different action. The conclusion? Would like to hear it from u. :)

29 October 2013

Party Time!

Anna's bachelorette party! Was held at Kaffe Cafe, TTDI last sunday. Nice place to have coffee and lepaking around with friends. Hehe. Love the ambience, very relaxing. Last minute plan sebenarnya for this party since not many of us will be available next week. So just chop chop done. Haha. Ayu & Ieqa took care of the balloons and props while me for the cake. Bought it from Wondermilk! Then headed straight to the venue. It was heavy rain that day, so some of us didnt not reach the venue on time. While preparing some game for the bride-and-groom-to-be, tiba-tiba nampak dorang dah dah terpacak depan kitaorang. Haha. Surprise x jadi! But nevermind, as long as everyone enjoying the party ok la. :)

Oh ye, I wrote Anna's bachelorette party kan. Patutnya for the bride only. Tapi last-last kitaorang combined for both bride and groom. Sebab both are our friends. Boleh kena kan dua-dua sekali.

Picture below nampak tak Hafiz (husband Ayu) gigih buka ikatan belon tu for the helium game. Memang xde keje. Bride-and-groom-to-be kena make a wish with "helium voice" yang macam chipmunk tu. Haha. 

And for Kaffe Cafe food experince : 
I ordered Seafood Olio (RM18.50), I think too much of chilli flakes which resulted to perut rasa macam ada api je. And for drinks I ordered Frappe Caramel Latte (RM11), it was nice. My friend, Nana ordered Creamy Carbonara Pasta (RM18); it was delicious, got some beef bacon on top of it. They are quite generous with the pasta. Memang kenyang! Ayu said their hot Green Tea Latte (RM10) sedap and she recommend us to order that. Memang tak la I nak order, x suka anything green sebab green equal to sayur. So, dalam kepala memang nampak sayur teh hijau. Lol. But beranikan diri untuk try it and yeah, it was nice. Haha! The taste is weird but still nice (for me only la kot?) - ikhlas, from the view of sayur hater!


28 October 2013

Family Trip - Hatyai (2)

Good Morning Hatyai!! 
View from Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. 

Yes, below picture tu my breakfast! Haha. Craving nak makan "Mee Cambo". So tak kira pagi or tengah hari. Redah je. Hihi. Tapi malangnya not that good. Ni more to mee sup with seafood. Ishh, this time tak jumpa the best "Mee Cambo" yet. Sedih! 

After breakfast, plan nak g snow house tapi tutup, so just singgah at the park next to snow house tu je la tengok ikan while the drivers went for breakfast! Haha. Panas siang-siang hari pergi park. Lol! After park, we decided untuk balik ke hotel. Boleh la bagi the children mandi pool. Actually tu lah point nak sewa hotel yang ada pool. 

We moved out from previous hotel (Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel) to this hotel.

Nice kan the pool? Oh, hotel ni very green I guess sebab ada very nice park. Hehe! Ish, lupa nak amik gambar taman tu. At nite ada wedding held there. Seriously very nice! I wanted to take the photo but the walkway to that place were blocked from where I came. Tak nak bagi kacau laluan guest untuk ke wedding tu la kot. 

The hotel name is Hatyai Paradise Hotel & Resort. Bunyi nama macam kat tepi pantai je kan? But no, kat kawasan perumahan! The breakfast is Halal. I think already certified by Thai's Islamic bodies la kot because they displayed the halal logo at the reception. And memang ramai muslim especially from Malaysia datang hotel ni. 

The room is very nice. Jauh beza dengan the previous one. Each room can accommodate 3 person lengkap with 3 towels, 3 pillows (ada extra lagi dalam almari).. Actually can fit in 4 person! The room is very spacious, ada kettle, coffee, tv, aircond of cos, separate shower and bath tub (the bathroom also spacious)!. And all this for 1200 bhat. I think this price is not for standard room. Maybe ada yang cheaper than that. Sorry forgot already. :)

Oh, ada wide balcony too!

Hatyai Paradise Hotel & Resort
99 Soi Lean Anusorn, Raj-U-Thid Rd. Hatyai, 
Songkhla 90110 Thailand.
Tel : (074) 362222, 363481-6

Later that nite we went to the famous night market, Perk Thai. Yes, shopping time! Haha. The place is very big and we just managed to cover like suku je kot? Penat nak jalan. The price is quite reasonable. Some boleh tawar but mostly fixed price. Around 100-500 bhat depending on the stuff la. If lapar time shopping tu boleh beli makanan kat halal shop. Kat Hatyai still can see many muslim and halal food. So no worries. :)

We had dinner at the shop nearby our hotel. Again no picture sebab lapar sangat-sangat! Haha. We had Tomyam, Kailan Ikan Masin, Telur Dadar and Daging Masak Merah. Semua sedap!! The food was for 6 person and it cost 480 baht!!! 80 bhat each person. Murah jugak la sebab banyak. Hihi. Balik hotel, tido kekenyangan. :)