29 January 2014

ootd #2 : Flowers Bloom in Winter

My cousin and I dah kebosanan tahap terlampau last tuesday and we decided untuk keluar makan-makan, having fun in our own way. We got no plan where to go actually so we just follow where ever the road lead us and finally kami sampai ke Damansara. Singgah Wondermilk for lunch, late lunch actually. Hungry to the max! Both of us ordered Aglio Olio. It was a quick lunch, then we headed to Empire Damansara Perdana. My cousin eagerly nak visit this place, she said ada hanging umbrellas. But sadly during our visit, they changed to Chinese New Year decoration. Pity her, frustrated! Hopefully they will change it back to those umbrellas. Since the place sangat-sangat awesome, surely ada sesi bergambar. Hihi! Enjoy my feeling-feeling ootd pictures. Plus lately the weather were so nice. Sort of "winter" in Malaysia. Love it!

Outfit :
Top : Milktee


27 January 2014

Dream come true - Paradise Island Resort, Maldives (Part 5)

For this entry, nothing much to story. Basically it just a day visit to the resort located on another island, Paradise Island Resort. Truly a paradise! Once reached the jetty I was like speechless. The view was too beautiful. We were greeted by the friendly staff and some explanation given to us. They provided us with a map! Besar jugak island ni. No wonder siap bagi map. So we decided to jalan-jalan pusing island first, then go mandi-manda. Since the island agak besar, we just skipped some places and pergi yang penting je such as visit water villa, shark point and mandi laut! Shark point and water villa padahal tempat sama je but the distance from one place to another place agak jauh and we kinda tired jalan here and there. But for the sake of nak tengok shark, kami redah jalan. Haha! 

Dah penat jalan kami decided untuk mandi-manda since lunch hour dalam 2-3 hours lagi. No wet clothes allowed I guess kat restaurant. Serious I macam rasa serba salah, antara nak duk dalam air or makan. Haha! Kalau bukan sebab dah bayar for food memang confirm tak keluar dari air. The funny part was, one of my friend tertinggal his short untuk mandi pantai. He went to the shop nak beli seluar baru but mahal, tak berbaloi! Then the staff cakap boleh rent, so he went to another place yang staff tu tunjuk. Its like on the opposite direction from that place. Like I said earlier, the distance between each place agak jauh, dia malas nak jalan dah so dia redha je lah mandi pakai jeans. Pastu g restaurant untuk lunch pakai towel sebab jeans tadi dia jemurkan atas batu nak bagi kering. Hihi.

After lunch, lagi satu hal nak mencari masjid. Nampak ada masjid dalam map but we couldnt find it walau dah jauh bjalan. Every buggy yang lalu lalang tu asyik full with penumpang and stuff! Lenguh dah kaki ni. Then kami tanya staff yang tengah kemas bilik where is the mosque, and he pointed inside the fence. Memang takkan jumpa la disebalik dinding tinggi tu. Kat dinding fence tu stated for staff only. Lol! Lepas solat rasa nak pengsan je sebab jauh lagi perjalanan to the jetty area. Sigh! We lepak area jetty while wating for the boat to arrive. Sedih nak balik dah. :(

Breakfast provided by our hotel, HolidayMakers Inn.

View from the airport jetty, mostly untuk bawa guest to resort.

See! Jauh kan?

Love the greenery! 

Water villa! We cant afford this!

Shark! Shark! Shark!

Secret entrance to heaven!

Our lunch buffet! Both pasta were delicious. Nasi lauk-lauk and dessert pon sedap. 

Last moment untuk enjoy the awesome view. 

Sampai hotel around 6 if I'm not mistaken. Mandi and rehat while waiting for dinner. Kami g dinner kat hotel sebelah. The restaurant located on the roof top of Fern Bouqete Inn. Dinner under the stars yaw! Haha. Actually behind them tu laut but cant see sebab gelap, we can only hear ombak menghempas pantai and enjoy the sea breeze while makan. Kami order grilled jumbo prawn with rice and vegies. Sedap!!! The best grill prawn I ever had. Tak cukup sepinggan tapi nanti kalau tamak rugi pulak. Haha! Harga? Not that cheap walaupon dorang negara laut. This meal was around RM60 and the lobster dish around RM200! Baru berangan hari-hari nak makan lobster. :p


26 January 2014

PearlDaisy Meet & Greet!

Yeah I know, late update. Dah basi dah cerita ni tapi xpe la kan, nak cerita jugak. Hihi!
This event was held at Food Foundry, Petaling Jaya. Luckily it is on Waze, so tak sesat lah. My cousin and I reached the destination around 9pm, sekali dengan Amena. Bagus, kami x missed anything yet. Hihi! Full house! Ramai betol Amenakin punya fans. But still we were lucky dapat jumpa personally and some of the fans gave her present, chit-chatting with her and she was nice and happy je melayan semua orang. The event schedule was speech by Amena, hoojab tutorial, eat, jual hoojab, sesi soal jawap and photo session. I managed to grab one hoojab! Seriously dah macam enter a war zone dah, nasib baik xde adegan tarik-tarik tudung gaduh nak beli hoojab. :p

Anyway, check out the picture and video yang sempat dirakam. Lazy to snap the picture sebenarnya sebab I cant eat happily!

Hoojab tutorial session.

Tak sampai hati nak makan dessert sebab too nice! The food prepared by Food Foundry was awesome! 

Sesi soal jawap. Hihi! Serious talk!

Dr. Halina was there too! First time jumpa dia. Love her scarf!

Woot woot! The lovely Shea Rasol. Sweet and humble girl.

Annndd of course, star of the night - Amena!

The hoojab!


07 January 2014

Dream come true - Night Fishing, Maldives (Part 4)

One of our activites kat Maldives was night fishing. Ni my first experience! Takot x tau nak cakap lah, pergi laut malam-malam, gelap gelita tak nampak ape-ape. My face memang obvious cuak! Haha. The fishing duration was around 4 hours and we managed to get 7 ekor ikan. My friend dapat 2 ekor and I dapat sekor. The rest,pakcik boat yang tangkap! Haha. So ada la rezeki untuk dinner kami malam tu. Kami bawak balik ikan ke hotel and orang hotel tolong masakkan. I guess Maldivian memang suka limau sebab dorang guna limau dalam almost all masakan dorang or makan ngn nasi putih etc. I remember on our first day, they served us a small plate of limau, bawang merah and cili. Masa lalu kat area pasar and kedai-kedai sayur dorang pon nampak banyak jual limau. Lunch kat Kuda Bandos pon they used limau untuk perap ikan. Hihi.

So while waiting dorang siapkan ikan untuk dinner, kami order makanan dari nearby restaurant. Tak larat nak jalan cari makanan dah. Penat yang teramat sebab activity agak full that day. Balik dari Kuda Bandos, terus bersiap untuk night fishing ni. Ada yang dah tertido dekat sofa lobby while waiting. Lama jugak la makanan yang di order nak sampai. Lebih dari sejam. Kami order nasi beriyani ayam je. Masing-masing kelaparan so memang nampak nasi je la. Hihi. Lepas tu ape lagi, perut kenyang, tido lena lah. :p

Ni pakcik boat kami, yang bawak g Kuda Bandos, night fishing and snorkeling. Baik sangat!

My friend dapat his first ikan.

Hasil tangkapan!

Our dinner! Fresh from the sea.


04 January 2014

Acrylic Makeup Organizer Malaysia

Looking for acrylic box to store your makeup?
Want your dressing table to look nice and clean?

Variety shape of acrylic makeup box availabe there. 



03 January 2014

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and Sephora Makeup Brush Cleaner

Finally I bought a makeup brush cleaner! Saw one of the Malaysian makeup artist suggesting this brand - Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner. So yeah, I bought it for RM30. It came in a small spray bottle (60ml). I rarely put on makeup so I think this small bottle will last for a while. The great thing is it easy to use. Just spray 3-4 times and wipe with tissue. You can see the makeup stain got removed from the brush. Then, air dry the brush. Easy rite? :)

This is another good buy from Sephora. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil set cost me around RM44! It has 6 colors. Love all of them except the blue one. Not sure If I'm going to use it or not. Haha. It also available separately for RM19 each. I wanted to buy only one color (Yogurt - 611) but already sold out. This set actually cost around RM89 but Sephora was having Xmas/Year End Sale so they give 50% discount for this. 

From left : Milk Lait (604), Electric Blue (622A), Black Bean (601), Iced Mocha (617), Yogurt (611), Sparkle Nude (625)

Nice rite? Cant wait to use them.


01 January 2014

Dream come true - Kuda Bandos, Maldives (Part 3)

As per recommended by the hotel staff, kami agree untuk visit Kuda Bandos. Its a picnic island, dibuka untuk tourist on weekdays and local on weekend. So if you want to visit this island make sure plan betol-betol ok. Located not far from Hulhumale, around 30-40 minutes. If using speed boat maybe around 15-20 minutes. Tapi tak kesah la how long it tooks because Kuda Bandos worth more than that. We were here for the whole day (9am-4pm). As soon as sampai je jetty, I was speechless! Too beautiful! Ada jugak la feeling-feeling cerita Pirates of The Carribean masa dorang landed on sandbank. Ahhh, I cant believe that I had witness one of the best island/beach in the world! 

*all pictures and videos taken using iphone.

Boat slowly approaching the jetty.

This is what I'm talking about! Even nothing much I can do here due to the expensive price for the activities, I still enjoy my time sitting by the beach under the hot weather. I dont care if my skin turned darker. Haha. Its beach riteeee.