18 June 2015

Getting dUck-ed!!

**I dont know why suddenly I rasa nak blog bout this "itik".**

 Btw, this "itik" or dUck just launched their latest Raya collection bout an hour ago together with aere #aereXdUck ! I saw their post on instagram (@duckscarves) just now and decided to get my hands on this collection. You know the special edition is a bit pricey than the usual one. Of cos, I cant have it all or I'll be starving for the whole month for the sake of having all special edition pieces. So, here what I have to do.. I have to decide the best design among all the special edition, the one yang I can say "I want this!!". Once in a while buying the limited pieces is forgiven. For me, this is my first time! Haha. I was so thrilled actually with the countdown and the anxiously waiting buyer commenting on dUck's instagram. Its like a race you know. Or a battle to be exact! Some will win the battle and some will stuck somewhere inside there (websites).

I actually rasa agak kagum with this brand. They really know how to catch their buyer's heart. Also they successfully portray D (if you follow dUckscarves IG, you'll know who is D) as one of the most elegance, sophisticated, modest and fashionable woman. Yes, not only to D but to all women out there! I think dUck biggest achievement is they able to channel D's spirit to the scarves owner. And this is how dUck recruit their "duckies". ;)