21 September 2013

Fireworks at Putrajaya!

Fireworks show from Disney USA, 15 September 2013. 
It was awesome!! 

Oh yea, last performance will be on 2nd October 2013 by Dubai team.
Go go go!
You will be mesmerized! 


08 September 2013

Sunday Haul!

Sunday haul? Yes, Sunday haul for my stomach! Haha. Jarang dapat jumpa sunday ni. Only twice in a month, during day shift. So hari ahad akan dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya oleh saya. Hihi! One of my officemate ajak makan at Seoul Garden. Never been there yet so memang tak lepaskan peluang la (yeah I know Seoul Garden kinda lame dah but still.. haha!). We went there around 12.30pm. Brunch! Haha. Ok la this place, not much to complaint except the tomyam soup yang xde rasa tomyam. Kena add RM2.00++ for this tomyam soup. Next time nak try the normal one, chicken soup which is free. The ice cream also nice, normally I skipped the ice cream part sebab ermm.. they used the cheap cheap one and the taste hmm.. Oh ye, I hate cara dorang susun table. Susah nak keluar amik makanan and your friend next to you nak kena keluar first then you can go out. Duhhhh. Made me malas nak ulang alik amik makanan. Please Seoul Garden, change the table position. Hihi. *peace*

Then after Seoul Garden, I went out with another friend - Eqa. We went to Times Square cuci mata. Then Eqa tapau some tako-yaki (the best I ever taste). Next to that tako-yaki stall ada few more stalls, I jalan-jalan there and saw these two stalls. WaffleMania and 3 Monkeys! 3 Monkeys is selling fruits flavor ice cream with comel kind of shape and WaffleMania is of cos selling waffle. Hihi. 

The waffle was too freaking delicious. Even dah x panas also still crunchy and tak keras. I ordered Chocolate & Banana flavor. Satisfied! 

Managed to search for their Facebook : WaffleMania 

3 Monkeys situated not far from the WaffleMania. Look at their ice cream, I bet you will stop too! I bought the mixed berries sebab mango dah sold out. Mango freak yaw! :p

The taste? Sedap! Memang rasa what you wish for. :)

tired *_* eyes


03 September 2013

Chocolate Cats Lucky Reader!

Yeayyyy! Im one of the lucky reader for Chocholate Cats puasa giveaway! Finally, Im lucky enough to received 3 sets (FULL SIZE) of PUREFECT skin range. Weeehuuu.. Each set worth RM280! Yes, I'm a happy kid girl! :)

I love the feeling when I already forgot bout the contest I've entered, then after a while I received email/notification that I was selected. Heee.. :p

Anyway, thank you Fatin for the giveaway!