13 April 2015

Cha Tra Mue (Number One Brand Since 1945)

Original Thai Tea Since 1945 / Cha Tra Mue / Number One Brand Since 1945 or what ever they called it.. 

All I know is I'm so excited when I google bout this brand to show to my husband, bout the best ice tea I ever had.. and found a link saying that Cha Tra Mue is already in Malaysiaaa! Sayy whattttt? 

So ape lagi, we went hunting for it lah! 

The location is at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. The kiosk is near the ice skating rink, next to Nelson's and Just Pie. 

So here is the menu. My favourite is Cha Yen. The large size cost only RM5.50. If not mistaken in Bangkok around 30 bhat. When I was in Koh Samui I managed to drink cha yen once at Faria Halal Restaurant and the taste was freakingggg awesome. Same like the one in Bangkok. But here in Malaysia, hmm not so kawww. The mixture just not right, macam ada kurang sumthing. But its not a big deal. Maybe next time getting better kot.

We ordered cha yen, thai milk green tea and dry tomyam noodle. The thai milk green tea also nice minus the scent. I cannot drink that sebab ada bau tu and I hate that scent. The scent is not bad actually, but I just cannoottt smell it. Haha. The dry noodle is nice, tomyam kaww!! I think it worth my RM5. :)



  1. ChaTraMue is finally in Petaling Jaya. They opened their 6th outlet in side Aeon Bandar Utama last weekend. Finally, we can get the original Thai ice milk tea in Petaling Jaya.

    1. Now we can enjoy our ChaTraMue here in Malaysia! :)

  2. Happy long weekend to all. Visit a Chatramue outlet near you:
    # IOI City Mall,Putrajaya
    # Viva Mall, Cheras
    # Low Yat, Bukit Bintang
    # Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang
    # Aeon Cheras Selatan
    # Aeon Bandar Utama, PJ
    # Aeon Taiping, Perak
    # Aeon Kulaijaya, Johor
    # Aeon Metro Prime, Kepong