14 September 2015

Sugarbelle Luxurious Matte Lip Cream Review

The waiting for Sugarbelle Cosmetics has come to an end. The product secara official dijual online on 1 September 2015. Actually Sugarbelle Cosmetics ada buat public launch in front of Bella Ammara & Sugarscarf Bangi on 22 August. They are selling for RM45 dari original price of RM49. Wanted to go there tapi tak berkesempatan, got wedding to attend. So I tunggu for their online release la and I managed to grab one Matte Lip Cream for me. Satu je sebab nak try dulu. Kalau elok, boleh beli lagi kann.. :)

I beli shade Ndue Ksises (purposely eja salah). I am a big fan of color ndue ni. I aimed for color natural sebab dah ada banyak color merah and pink. Susah nak cari natural color yang betol-betol sesuai dengan kulit kita. Sometimes the color agak pucat and sometimes too brown. Ada pernah beli lipstick from MAC, masa kat kaunter makeup the color look nice dan sesuai dengan I. So I beli la, but then bila apply kat rumah rasa not really match my skin. You know the price kan, takkan nak beli 2-3 shades yang lebih kurang in order to get the right tone. I remember pekerja MAC tu cakap memang susah to get the ndue color yang match our skin, if you manage to find one sila la beli!

Okay, back to Sugarbelle Cosmetics.. I got the feeling yang it worth to give a try for this brand. And yes, memang tak rugi beli! I got chance to apply this lip cream masa attend wedding my friend. I like the color very much. Nak kata too pale pon tak, too brown pon tak. Just nice! Yang penting it will make your face look alive. This Lip Cream texture is very creamy and moist. I think dengan one layer pon dah enough. At first nampak glossy but after a while jadi matte and look promising on your lips. The applicator dia pon bagus, senang untuk digunakan especially on the corner of my lips. Easy to move it around the curves and baunya pon wangi!

One more thing that I like bout this brand is they know how to attract the buyer attention by producing a luxurious look and feel for their brand. Look at their packaging, black box with gold line and wording. They know how to keep it simple and stay luxurious. So what are you waiting for? Go get them for yourself, your mum, your sisters or your friends! 

Above : ready nak g wedding! One time application je dah dapat result as above.

Below : after 3 hours plus of wearing, the lip cream still there walaupon selepas makan and minum, tekap-tekap dengan tissue etc. The color masih bertahan. Fret not, it is easy to remove using the makeup remover. 

The Matte Lip Cream available in 5 shades as below. Grab yours now! You wont regret it and lets support our local brand. 

I think Sugarbelle' Matte Lip Creams are awesomeeeee!



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