08 February 2014

L'Oreal Magique Primer & L'Oreal True Match foundation

These two are my first L'Oreal product in my makeup family. The reason I bought Base Magique Primer is the packaging. I dunno why I always have this kind of perception on black and clear bottle packaging. It look so promising to me! 

The primer is in soft pink cream form and it feel smooth and silky. A small amount is required for each application, I try layer it twice and I dont like it. Its quite thick and it ruined my foundation. The purpose is to cover pores and wrinkle lines. Yes, it does it jobs nicely except it doesn't give glow effect. Since my face is not that perfect, I mean there are some scars and I used the scar remover cream/skincare which made my skin dry. So the area around my scar is a bit flaky and dry. I thought it will cover those things but NO. 

After the primer then I applied L'Oreal True Match foundation. It a light weight foundation for me, maybe because I've been using the MAC foundation for sometimes. For MAC, the texture is quite thick and can cover up my scars easily. But for L'Oreal True Match foundation, I need to apply few layers. This will make my skin look brighter than the original color and the face tone is different than the neck tone. I'm not sure if I like this foundation or not, I'll give another chance for it to prove me something good.