Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mili Spa, Bangi with Mum!

Last weekend I had a date with mum at Mili Spa. Ternampak a friend of mine share kat facebook bout this spa. Then bila tengok harga dia agak berpatutan la, terus buat appointment. Since my mum will be in town just for a while, I made a last minute appointment with spa owner through whatsapp around pukul 12 malam. Luckily dia reply. 

So our spa appointment was at 11am. Tak susah nak cari tempat ni. Dari PKNS (belah kanan), terus je menghala ke roundbout yang ke arah Seksyen 7 (kiri), Jalan Reko (terus) and Seksyen 3 (kanan). Amik terus ke arah Jalan Reko, nanti akan nampak bangunan kedai di sebelah kiri jalan. Landmark paling senang nak nampak ialah Econ Save and kedai makan Nasi Ulam (facing main road). Spa ni kat atas Pusat Dialisis. Parking pon senang since this place tak crowded sangat. 

My mum and I both amik pakej Body Relaxing + Sauna + Scrub. I think agak murah la. Only RM99 for this 2 hours treatment. Tapi since ada satu je sauna kat spa ni my mum and I nak kena gilir-gilir, sebab malas nak menunggu I tukar amik pakej Body Relaxing + Scrub + Facial. Harganya RM120. 

I suka sangat part body relaxing tu sebab sangat-sangat best, buat badan rasa ringan je. Tukang urut dia nama Kak Ani, baik and very peramah. Mula-mula ingatkan dia akan buatkan urutan biasa kat spa yang more to relaxing or in another words "urutan yang tak rasa ape-ape". Dia massage guna urutan tradisional. Since I tak pernah urut-urut ni, rasanya memang agak sakit, tu pon Kak Ani cakap dia tak tekan kuat sangat tapi disebabkan urat-urat yang bersimpul tu yang jadi sakit. Serious rasa ringan badan, insyaAllah boleh repeat lagi ni. :)

For scrub, spa ni gunakan bahan-bahan semula jadi. Lupa nak tanya Kak Ani ape nama scrub tu.Bau dia sangat best and calming. Untuk facial pon sama jugak, produk dari buah-buahan. Baunya tak payah cerita la, rasa nak makan je. Risau jugak nak buat facial ni sebab nanti kulit x serasi dengan produk spa, lain jadi nya muka nanti. Tapi Alhamdulillah semuanya ok. 

If interested, visit their facebook for more info on price : Mili Spa 

*some pictures are taken from Mili Spa Facebook


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nabila & Afiq Reception (Bride's side)

Here are some photos during reception on our side. Since the weather is so unpredictable, indoor dais is a must if you dont the whole thing got wet or ruined due to the strong wind. I like the white + off white theme, very classy and exclusive. This dais is from Tina Marina, Kota Bharu. Their service was awesome like seriously serious! Haha. 

Enjoy some pictures from my phone and some are from my relatives. 

Both hantaran was done by Najib. Not sure about his shop details as I help to pick up the hantaran at his house. All using fresh flowers. Love the flowers combination!

Miss Najwa in the house. Hehe. The person in charge for the wedding songs and she was very excited to used that device.

With Grandma on Dad's side.

Cousins and sisters.

Outdoor photo shoot session. :)


Friday, September 5, 2014

Nabila & Afiq (Solemnization)

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. My sister is officially a wife to her husband, Afiq. The solemnization was held on 29 August 2014 at Putera Valley Resort & Training Center, Tanah Merah. It is a beautiful place for wedding especially for garden/pool wedding theme. 

Around 9am everybody gathered around the surau to welcome the groom's side together with the dulang hantaran. Once ready, tok kadi memulakan majlis with some doa and ucapan. Hihi. Now come the very scary part especially for the groom, its the akad. Luckily in Kelantan, we can use a simple akad. 

Dulang Boys and Dulang Girls

Taking his final breath before saying the akad. Haha. 

Yeayy, finally they are married! 

Sister, Mum, Grandma, Me. So its a WeFie! Haha.

One taken, 3 to go. Haha. My sister in black hijab arrived after the ceremony. Her bus broke down and started the journey late. Tak sempat nak iron and style kan hijab. Thats why she is in the black hijab, just in case you wonder why.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Malaysia Online Craft Shop - Craftmate Store

 I came across to this online craft shop that sell interestingggg products. That time I was looking for a burlap. Then google brought me to this shop. Its name is Craftmate Store. I'm not sure if they have a physical store or not. Doesn't really matter to me since I like the online version more! Haha. They have variety of products and some are imported from oversea. If you love making scrapbook, DIY anything that cross your mind then this is the place for you. Seriously, I want almost everything here but haippp.. need to focus on the things that I really really need.

You know one thing bout shopping online yang I dont like is I cant ask what I want to know more bout the products. Especially those store yang didnt provide any helpful assistance or I need to email them and wait for few days to get a reply. But at Craftmate Store, they provide a chat window for me to ask whatever I want to know bout the products they are selling. At first I didnt put a high hope for them to reply asap. The chat window status was offline because its already out of business hour (4/5am that time) but still can leave a message to them. Guess what, later I woke up and saw an email from them. I was like okay, this is awesome. Very fast and helpful kind of service! Love it. 

So things that I bought from this store are of course the burlap, canvas fringe and canvas hemp rope. 

Burlap - RM14.90
Size : 12"x12"

Canvas Fringe
RM7.90 for 1 yard

Canvas Hemp Rope/Twine
RM19.90 for 45ft

Dont forget to check out Craftmate Store!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Raya Outfits!

Remember my purchase of Diana Danielle x EMEL? I wore it on the first day of raya and to match with that outfit I bought a chiffon shawl from FleurMalaysia. Love the beads sewn on this shawl. 

Some of the makeup for that day. Natural look for eyes using N*ked Basics for base followed with Marc Jacob eyeshadow No.3 and mix it my favourite Gino McCray eyeshadow. Bourjois Happy Light foundation No.53 (not in picture), I mixed it with my MAC Studio Fix foundation No.42. Love the result! For blusher, I used Chanel Cream Blush No.63 (Revelation), to brighten up my face. You will never go wrong with this blusher, the texture is not too powdery and just nice even for few times of applications. For lipstick I used MAC No.A73 (All Fired Up). Love the matte finishing on my lips. And lastly, I used MAC Mineralized Skin Finish to gives some glow effects for the eyes corner and to highlight my nose and forehead. :)

I've no idea what to wear for open house so I decided to choose the Black Abaya and pair it with chiffon shawl from FleurMalaysia. Hihi. :) 

Hope you have a wonderful raya and open house too!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Diana Danielle x EMEL by Melinda Looi

I bet everyone is crazy with their raya shopping list. I went to JM tower in Shah Alam to view his collection and goshhhh, too beautiful too describe. No wonder I saw each person carrying multiple paper bags. I guess they cant decide which one they want and end up buying all. Haha.

Okay, back to my purchase of Diana Danielle x EMEL by Melinda Looi. I bought a piece of modern kurung as below. The design is simple, I like it. I bought online from Fashion Valet. So after some times, the parcel arrived at my door step. I was excited like everyone else.

The real color is a bit darker from the online picture. Okay, that is fine with me. The material is stretchable, I'm not sure what is the exact name for the material but it easily ruined when it touches the sequin on the wrist part and yes, some already did. I can see the mark there. Then, I realized for the belt, they didnt sewn it nicely. Some of the beads felt off the grip. Hmm. You know, it will drag another and another rite.. Really disappointed. Later on, I decided to remove all the beads from that belt and sewn it directly on the shoulder and wrist part. The finishing also not nice, more like making it in a rush. For RM350 is it worth it? Should I stop complaining? I think this will be my last purchase from this designer. 

Next year, I'll surely be hunting for Jovian's. :)

I added few more type of beads to enhance (ecehhh) the color. :p

Selamat Hari Raya!!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Best Brands of Hijab

 So far, below are my favourite brands of hijab. Love their materials and easy to shaped. Not much actually since I'm afraid to try out other brands. Some look nicer in picture but the reality is very disappointing. So yeah, I'll stick to below list for now. 

I love ShawlbyVsnow Shimmer series. The shimmer is not too much and the material is soft and not transparent. If I'm not mistaken the colors are limited. *sobs*
*major love*

This is VS Essential scarf. I have few colors from this series. The material is chiffon, not transparent and what I like the most is, easy to shape. The size is also just nice for me, not too small and not too wide. 
*major love*

Love how it easily shaped. :)

Marshmallowscarf is another brand that provide the best satin scarf so far for me. Their material are varies. Some are hard, soft, very soft, shiny, not so shiny etc. I have few colors too with this brand. All of them from different material and not transparent. They have 2 type of scarfs ; shawl and half moon. So far, I only bought the half moon type. 

Below is the one from a very soft material that I like the most. Really love the drapes effect when I'm wearing this hijab. 
*major love*

And this is the hard material I said earlier. The drapes is a bit stiff compare to the above material. In term of easily to shape or not I think sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. But the stitches is what I think they need to improve a bit. Not as smooth as ShawlbyVsnow.

Love the detailing of their scarf. The stitches is very smooth and they are using a high quality fabric for example a non-washable/dryclean satin silk, crepe silk and chiffon. No worries, they do provide the washable satin and chiffon range. With beads and without beads. 

Below is the one made from chiffon. I love the beads. Simple and nice.
*major love*

The other important thing is inner. My favourite brand since I started wearing hijab is El-Zahraa. Then followed by Al-Humaira Contemporary when they launched their Tiffany inner. Both are nice in term of material, comfort and coverage. 

Tiffany Inner
*major love*

Laqia Inner
*major love*