Friday, November 28, 2014

Big Brother, Bangi Gateway

Everyday makan nasi with lauk pon boring jugak rite? I told my husband lets go for western dinner la tonite. The he googled the nearest shop and Big Brother muncul as one of the best kedai makan ala barat. Gambar-gambar makanan dalam blog tu agak menarik and berjaya utk attract my husband to go there. Haha! 

Mula-mula I tak berapa yakin dengan kedai ni sebab bila lalu tu tengok tak de orang sangat, then I fikir ni hari weekdays, orang keje so tak ramai yang kuar makan kat luar malam-malam (sedapkan hati). Just dont judge by the look Nydia! Haha. So both of us went to sit inside, the waiter came hantar menu and I was quite surprised tengok list menu dia. Variety of western foods! Ape lagi, mula la tak senang duduk tak tau nak pilih yang mana satu. Rasa nak order semua tapi perut takde lah besar mana nak makan semua benda tu!

Alhamdulillah semua dishes yang kami order memang sedap! Check out the pics below. Get ready untuk lap ayaq liuq.. :p

Love the shop punya deco, simple and clean! 

Crumbedo Chicken Spaghetti - RM20.90

Actually ada banyak list of spaghetti in their menu and I cant really decide mana yang I nak. Last-last I ordered Crumbedo Chicken Spaghetti. Spaghetti tu dimasak ala-ala aglio olio and it was freaking nice. Its been a while tak jumpa aglio olio sesedap ni. Yang part ayam tu dalam gambar menu I nampak macam kecik je but in real ianya agak besar. Memang kenyang la!

Au Gratin Chicken - RM19.90

Yang ni, my husband punya. Dont judge by its look. It was delicious. I suka mashed potato in this set, just gravy dia tu ter-masin sikit. But still consider ok la. Look at the coleslaw punya color, its pink-purple! Hehe! Overall memang super yummy and the portion is quite big. 

Beefy Mexican Nachos - RM18.90

Andddd this my dear friends, Beefy Mexican Nachos! Extremely delicioussssss! Boleh lawan Chilis or TGI dan seangkatan dengannya. As usual, ada nachos, pastu ada beefy thingy tu and taburan cheese yang banyak! Seriously awesome. Oh pastu ada dip yang color hijau and cream tu and also the one yang dalam small ramekin/bowl. I forgot ape rasa benda tu, kalau x silap rasa dia masam manis, more like campuran of pineapple and other fruits or veggies.

All I can say is, it worth every RM! Haha. :)


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Everytime Mr Postman came knocking my door.. I am the happiest girl in the world! Haha. :)

I would like to share my recent purchase from Luxola. Not really a big haul, just three items from Sleek and Zoeva. Two brushes from Zoeva and brow kit from Sleek which I've been eyeing for quite some time.

After some "research" (you know the googling thing for review on youtube or beauty blogger), I decided to purchase the Sleek brow kit in Extra Dark. I was a bit nervous actually because I afraid if the colour wont match with my skin but lucky me, it did match! From the review I read that the real size for this kit is a bit smaller from the picture on the web. Yes, it is a bit smaller but the good thing as per review is the texture is really pigmented. It comes in wax/gel based for the lining purpose and another one is the powder to fill in the brow gap. Also it comes with some tools that are quite handy for me. Since it is very pigmented, please be extra careful when applying the wax/gel so that you wont turn your eyebrow into owl-looking-brow (owl got eyebrow?)

Check out what I did to my brow. Haha. Kinda love the color and easy breezy application.

Right : With Sleek brow kit. Love the natural look! 
Left : bare brow.

Now both are ready! Need more practice I guess and also need to trim the stubborn hair. :p

Annnndd these are the Zoeva brushes; 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek and 226 Smudger. 
Check out the description on the link above as I am not an expert on brush topic but as for starter like me, I think this brush surely do justice. Omg, talking bout the price? Its super cheap! Ranging from RM20 above. Affordable, presentable and let the magic do rest.. I mean the rest is depending on your skills rite? Hehe. 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pisang Cheese Jakarta, Bangi

Hola to Pisang Cheese Jakarta, the best pisang goreng in town! 

My husband was craving for this pisang cheese actually and kebetulan we went to Bangi Gateway for EhEhBazaar last weekend, so we decided to check out this stall. Yeah, it just a stall kat celah-celah lorong between the building and it situated next to the Kelisa restoran. Same row with Hospital An-Nur and opposite Masjid Bangi Seksyen 9. Not hard to find because you can see people queueing in front of the stall. There are few other stalls nearby, steamboat, steam burger stalls, satay, char keuy teow etc.

Above pic : Coco Caramel flavor
Below pic : Chocolate flavor

There are 5 flavors available at this stall; Original, Chocolate, Coco Caramel, Crunchy Oreo and Messy Chocolate. We ordered 2 flavors; Chocolate and Coco Caramel. Both are super delicious! I prefer for the pisang to cool down first sebab kalau makan panas-panas you will not be able to enjoy the taste. 

Their price range is from RM7-RM8 per box and the opening hours are from 2:00pm until 10:00pm.

Dine in or take away? Its your choice. :)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Organic Coffee Scrub from Scrub-A-Dub (@scrubadub!

pic credit to @scrubadub

I dunno how to express my happy feeling for finding out bout this coffee scrub! I saw the famous blogger; thepinkstilettos uploaded this scrub on her instagram and straight away I ordered mine. Its been a while actually I was searching for a scrub that made from coffee. Why? Because coffee is famous for fighting cellulite! 

pic credit to @scrubadub

What I like bout this coffee scrub? It made from all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, sea salt and coffee beans of course. Speaking bout coffee, who doesn't like the aroma rite? So pure and refreshing! 

The scrub texture is not too different from the coffee powder you bought from the store except its a bit moist and soft but not too soft until it cant scrub your skin well. I think this is due to the mixture of olive and coconut oil. The interesting part for me is, after the scrubbing process I clean up all the excesses anddd I can see and feel that the oils still there, on my skin. This what keep my skin moist. Dont worry, its not like a lot of them, just nice to keep the skin moist. 

I've tried few scrub from different brands including the home made one but so far none of them are like this one. The normal scrub texture is a bit harsh and when I rub+pressed it especially on my legs, it will scratch my skin a bit. When in contact with water I can feel a little pain. But with this coffee scrub, I dont feel any pain or irritation at all, I even use to scrub my face too! Since this is an organic scrub, you can use it up to 3 times a weeks. 

Anyway, according to the user, this scrub helps to reduce cellulite, brighten skin, reduce acne problem, soften cracked feet, stretchmarks, scars and solutions for dry skin. All the good things are in this scrub rite? Go get yours now!

Where to purchase? Visit @scrubadub instagram! 


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mili Spa, Bangi with Mum!

Last weekend I had a date with mum at Mili Spa. Ternampak a friend of mine share kat facebook bout this spa. Then bila tengok harga dia agak berpatutan la, terus buat appointment. Since my mum will be in town just for a while, I made a last minute appointment with spa owner through whatsapp around pukul 12 malam. Luckily dia reply. 

So our spa appointment was at 11am. Tak susah nak cari tempat ni. Dari PKNS (belah kanan), terus je menghala ke roundbout yang ke arah Seksyen 7 (kiri), Jalan Reko (terus) and Seksyen 3 (kanan). Amik terus ke arah Jalan Reko, nanti akan nampak bangunan kedai di sebelah kiri jalan. Landmark paling senang nak nampak ialah Econ Save and kedai makan Nasi Ulam (facing main road). Spa ni kat atas Pusat Dialisis. Parking pon senang since this place tak crowded sangat. 

My mum and I both amik pakej Body Relaxing + Sauna + Scrub. I think agak murah la. Only RM99 for this 2 hours treatment. Tapi since ada satu je sauna kat spa ni my mum and I nak kena gilir-gilir, sebab malas nak menunggu I tukar amik pakej Body Relaxing + Scrub + Facial. Harganya RM120. 

I suka sangat part body relaxing tu sebab sangat-sangat best, buat badan rasa ringan je. Tukang urut dia nama Kak Ani, baik and very peramah. Mula-mula ingatkan dia akan buatkan urutan biasa kat spa yang more to relaxing or in another words "urutan yang tak rasa ape-ape". Dia massage guna urutan tradisional. Since I tak pernah urut-urut ni, rasanya memang agak sakit, tu pon Kak Ani cakap dia tak tekan kuat sangat tapi disebabkan urat-urat yang bersimpul tu yang jadi sakit. Serious rasa ringan badan, insyaAllah boleh repeat lagi ni. :)

For scrub, spa ni gunakan bahan-bahan semula jadi. Lupa nak tanya Kak Ani ape nama scrub tu.Bau dia sangat best and calming. Untuk facial pon sama jugak, produk dari buah-buahan. Baunya tak payah cerita la, rasa nak makan je. Risau jugak nak buat facial ni sebab nanti kulit x serasi dengan produk spa, lain jadi nya muka nanti. Tapi Alhamdulillah semuanya ok. 

If interested, visit their facebook for more info on price : Mili Spa 

*some pictures are taken from Mili Spa Facebook


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nabila & Afiq Reception (Bride's side)

Here are some photos during reception on our side. Since the weather is so unpredictable, indoor dais is a must if you dont the whole thing got wet or ruined due to the strong wind. I like the white + off white theme, very classy and exclusive. This dais is from Tina Marina, Kota Bharu. Their service was awesome like seriously serious! Haha. 

Enjoy some pictures from my phone and some are from my relatives. 

Both hantaran was done by Najib. Not sure about his shop details as I help to pick up the hantaran at his house. All using fresh flowers. Love the flowers combination!

Miss Najwa in the house. Hehe. The person in charge for the wedding songs and she was very excited to used that device.

With Grandma on Dad's side.

Cousins and sisters.

Outdoor photo shoot session. :)


Friday, September 5, 2014

Nabila & Afiq (Solemnization)

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. My sister is officially a wife to her husband, Afiq. The solemnization was held on 29 August 2014 at Putera Valley Resort & Training Center, Tanah Merah. It is a beautiful place for wedding especially for garden/pool wedding theme. 

Around 9am everybody gathered around the surau to welcome the groom's side together with the dulang hantaran. Once ready, tok kadi memulakan majlis with some doa and ucapan. Hihi. Now come the very scary part especially for the groom, its the akad. Luckily in Kelantan, we can use a simple akad. 

Dulang Boys and Dulang Girls

Taking his final breath before saying the akad. Haha. 

Yeayy, finally they are married! 

Sister, Mum, Grandma, Me. So its a WeFie! Haha.

One taken, 3 to go. Haha. My sister in black hijab arrived after the ceremony. Her bus broke down and started the journey late. Tak sempat nak iron and style kan hijab. Thats why she is in the black hijab, just in case you wonder why.