31 March 2013


My earrings! Since I cant wear them anymore, I'm going to give them to my sister. Suka la dia! Hmm, ada few more yang dah m.i.a. I love collecting earrings back then and some of the earrings above are still new! Same goes to necklaces. Beli tapi tak pakai. Haih! Sampai lupa dah yang I ada those necklaces. Ok, enoughhhh with the writing. Its 3.30 am now and I'm not yet done mengemas rumah! Arrrrrrrr.. Bye!

30 March 2013

Date & Fate

I had a date with my university friend last wednesday kat Bangsar. Yes, where else other than the famous DipnDip! While walking towards DipnDip we passed through a shop which I dont even turned my head to look at it pon and thanks to my friend for reading it out loud "too cool for school!". I was "eh wait, sound familiar." At the same time wonder how she can sebut that brand name dengan tepat. She replied "ni dia tulis" on the easel outside the shop. I paused for a while and look up searching for the store name and the yellow color wording caught my attention. Ape tunggu lagi, teruk masuk kedai and the first thing cari was Dinoplatz sebab nak tau harga. :p

I'm soOOooooOOOoo happy! Hihi. Too Cool For School, is now in Malaysia! To be exact, it is in Bangsar, Telawi 3! Since January ok, sampai hati tak bagi tau I. Hihi! Ladies, what are you waiting for? Lets go! I bet you will love this.. :)

I did story bout Too Cool For School on my previous post. You can check it here. Now no need to worry if my Dinoplatz going to finish because I can get it anytime I want. But yeah, the priceeee.. Its quite pricey here in Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken RM59. But takkan nak pergi Korea semata-mata nak beli make up? LoL. So, fair enough. 

And this is us filling our tummy at DipnDip, Bangsar and Delicious, Mid Valley.

The End

29 March 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basic Giveaway!

I forgot how I found Jerine's blog but I'm glad I found it. Maybe that time I was looking for NARS review and seller in Malaysia and that lead me to her blog. Since then, I'm stuck on you Million Dollar Beauty!! Haha! 

Actually I've been eyeing for Urban Decay Naked Basic palette quite a while. During my visit to Sephora in January I saw this palette and thinking of buying it soon since that time agak pokai sebab need to support my sister. She was staying at my place after her SPM exam. I ingat I can forget this Urban Decay Naked Basic macam tu je as I dont have time yet to go to Sephora. Guess what? I canttttt!! Haha. Plus I saw Jerine posted a review regarding this palette. "You drive me crazaaayyyy!" :p

And now, I'm crazaaayyy enough to win this contest! Haha. Thank you Jerine, the owner of Million Dollar Beauty for giving me chance to get this Urban Decay Naked Basic for FREE! Hewhew. Btw, this is my first time entering blog's contest and you know why riteeee.. Seriously cant resist! :) 

So yeah.. why I really want this palette? Since I learned to put make up on my face, I always go for nude color. Its weird rite, you want a make up with no make up.. Plus I dont think that other color will suit me well as my skin tone is a bit dark. Hitam manis? :p. I have a lot of brown shade eyeshadows that I think suitable for me. I barely use them nowadays since my current job is facing computer je, no need face-to-face with people anymore. But I do wear make up when attending event or anytime I rasa nak put on make up. FYI, I just threw out almost half of my make up collection sebab dah expired! *cry*. Another reason I need Urban Decay Naked Basic! *wink wink*

Btw, I always adore and want this kind of make up. Yang super natural and look exactly like my skin color. Hihi! Hi Jessica Alba, pinjam gambar jap ye.   

Look at the colors! Not too many to choose from but enough to make you look stunning. Plus all the colors is in one palette. Previously I bought the refill je, per color, wasting my storage space. Hihi! Ohhh, this will be my first palette of eyeshadow! *finger cross*.

Let me share with you my usual look. Yeah I know, its kinda boringggg.. But I love it! :)

Urban Decay Naked Basic, this is me waiting for you.. ;p

Thank you for reading this!

23 March 2013

Trust & Tragedy

Hmm.. Few days ago ada satu tragedy yang agak menyakitkan hati happened to me. Yes, its related to TRUST! Let me story from the start iaitu advertised iklan sewa bilik kat the famous "mudah" dot com dot my. Actually I x de la beria sangat nak rentkan bilik since I enjoy living alone. Cuma that time terfikir kalau bagi sewa bilik at least dapat saving. So yeah, once iklan dah di displaykan banyak la dapat message tanya pasal room-to-rent. Penat nak reply and ada yang tak reply langsung. One day I received a call cakap nak datang tengok rumah and serious nak sewa sebab baru dapat kerja kat nearby town. 

On the mentioned date and time that girl datang dengan mak dia and I was like "ok kot budak ni, datang tengok umah pon dengan mak". But from her appearance, I surely tak akan accept her. Borak punya borak sekali dia dapat keje at same place as mine. Lagi la rasa macam ok. So I told her that if you really serious then pay some deposit as I can secured the room for you. And she did pay the 1+1 deposit and first month rent. Actually I advertised for 2+1, tapi rasa kesian plak nak amik huge amount of money from someone yang baru nak start keje. Kira bagi discount la.. Haha! Plus I dont feel like holding the 2 months deposit sebab in the end kena bagi balik. She told me dia start lapor diri around 20 january, so dia nak masuk during that period la. X kesah la dia nak masuk bila, as long as bayar sewa. And that time early January and I'm memang nak orang masuk on January. If dia nak masuk lambat then up to her la.

Then she moved in to my house for like 2 days, dia message I, said that the company ask her to lapor diri bulan 2 sebab her screening profile x complete lagi. So she went back to her family house somewhere in K.L. During February kan I ada operation for my sinus at my hometown so I have no idea if dia dah masuk umah or not on February. I did text her but no reply. Tak tenang rasa dekat ward teringat my house, risau kalau-kalau dah kosong ke! Later on the second or third week of February dia ada message cakap dia akan masuk umah bulan 3 sebab again the company said her screening profile still not yet complete and came out with new date to lapor diri on March. I rasa tak sedap hati so text her cakap before 5 March, kindly bank in the rent for March la kan. Actually saje je nak test tengok ape dia cakap sebab I wonder why dia nak balik umah parents walaupon dah bayar sewa. Macam agak rugi la kan bayar sewa tapi tak duduk. And guess whattttt??? Rupanya betol la ape yang I fikir tu, sebab bila baca balik message-message cakap " I dah balik umah parents I tau, bulan 3 I datang" (lebih kurang mcm ni la). As if dia xnak bayar bulan yang dia tak duduk. Haha! Dia reply cakap "eh, I kan dah bayar aritu RM500, 1 month deposit and 1 month rent for MARCH!". Adegan berbalas message bermula, I told her that at first dia cakap nak sewa bulan 1, and dah angkut barang masuk dah pon! Mana ada orang bayar sewa ikot suka, contoh for February dia tak duduk umah tu dia xnak bayar. Can I ask the same from my ownerrr?? Surely owner will laugh at me! Sewa still jalan la, but the bills she dont have to pay la as dia x guna kan. And as I told her mum before for January I amik half rent je lah since dia masuk hujung bulan. My intention was to kurangkan beban I not to menambahkan beban tanggung sewa orang! Ohh myyy.. Ada jugak orang macam ni, kata macam dah selalu dok sewa sana sini but still noob? 

She told me yang dia xde duit nak bayar sewa sebab tak keje lagi, and the company amik dia bulan 3 so dia nak bayar and masuk bulan 3 la. The company and I x related pon, I bukan cawagan asrama for the company kannn, and how the hell dia fikir yang I amik sewa according to the date company hire dia! ZzzzzZZzzz.. So since dah jumpe parents dia, dia pon dah show her interest bila bayar deposit and rent tu and I rasa kesian jgak kat dia, I decided to tak amik sewa for January, February dah bayar, and for March she can pay once she receive her paycheck. Tapi dia suruh burn her deposit! I said ok, but later she need to top up la. Of course I kena amik deposit, if anything happen sape nak tanggung?? Banyak jugak kalau dia nak bayar semua end of March, sewa March + sewa April (bayar awal bulan) + deposit = RM750! So untuk "ringankan" beban dia and "tambah" beban I, I told her end of March just pay me RM500 (sewa March + sewa April), and end of April another RM500 (sewa May + deposit). Also told her no hard feelings as this is just a normal guidelines sewa-menyewa. She just replied "OK".

Bila dah March and officially masuk umah, everything went smooth je. On 11 March I bought an Iphone5. Hihi! Selepas dah beberapa tahun nekad untuk tukar phone yang dah wajib tukar. And 10 days later it GONEEEEEE MISSINGGGG! Awesome rite? 

Total person in house are 2. My stuff was stolen and can you guess who did that? Funny riteee? I left my phone atas katil and went for late-nite mandi which was xsampai 15 mins. That time pintu bilik I macam separa tutup la. When I walked pass her room, I ada bau rokok yang agak kuat means dia tak tido lagi. She was in her room and I ingat dia tido sebab dah almost 1am. Plus esok kan keje. She never confess dia merokok and I did warned her before "no smoking allowed in the house". She said "OK". I entered my room and tengok tempat I campak phone tadi but I cant see it. I stood silent for a while and started shaking. Dalam kepala fikir please dont let the same thing happened again. I cari the whole bilik and ruang tamu tak jumpe. Check wallet takot hilang jugak but still there. Other stuff too. I have no extra phone, maksud I phone ada but no simcard so cant make any call la. Then teringat phone Unifi, terus dial my number.. "nombor yang anda dial tidak dapat dihubungi". I tried for 3 times. Then I called my friends suruh datang since I dah damn nervous. Masa tu I saw her keluar bilik buat-buat mamai bangun tido pergi toilet. Cepat-cepat I pakai baju amik handbag, phone Unifi, my old BlackBerry (luckily x format lagi so ada contact number). I noticed dia lama dalam toilet and I risau dia mandi and nak keluar je. You know la pencuri kan, they tend to get rid off the stuff first kannn.. I locked my room and kelam-kabut keluar umah as I x rasa selamat dalam rumah. Risau if she can do more than that. But still I cant go far as I need the Unifi signal so I can call my friends and family. I duduk dalam kereta and luckily I park nearby my house. My friend pulak macam ingat-ingat lupa jalan datang my house. Masa on the phone tu I told my friend "if kejap lagi dia keluar umah, memang confirm dia curi!". Habis je ayat tu I saw a shadow dekat bawah main door and nampak dia buka pintu umah but bila sampai ke grill she cant open it. Then dia masuk umah balik and I saw shadow lagi kat bilik store, I ingat dia nak intai I kat luar. I wonder why she cant opened the grill just now, then baru ingat yang I ada 2 mangga untuk kunci grill for safety at nite. Plus tengah kelam-kabut pukul 2 pagi xprasan which one I amik untuk kunci grill tu. Rupanya I used the one yang dia tak de kunci! Lucky me! 

At that time I dah cuak habis, suddenly teringat my neighbour sebab my friend tu macam lembap sangat je. I called him cakap "tolong, tolong..". Haha. Dia terus bangun, terkejut kot orang mintak tolong malam-malam. Masa dok cerita the whole story kat dia I macam dah shaking and panic gila! Later his wife cakap jom masuk umah dulu while waiting for my friend. I asked them advise on how to proceed. His wife asked me to tanya that girl and I dont want sebab nanti panjang cerita. Better get someone yang betol-betol can handle this. They asked betol ke I tak tersalah letak phone? I cakap "I am very sure of it". My neighbour cadangkan pergi police station ask for advise. So I went to the police station with my friend yang tak ingat jalan tadi while my neighbour waited outside dekat pondok guard. 

Dah selesai buat report, we went to the house. The lady sarjan ask me to knock her door. She was a good actor you know. The lady sarjan explained to her that I lost my phone and she said "Oh Nydia, phone you hilang? Kat mana? Bila? Asal tak kejut I?". I dont even looked at her face. She denied all the way!! Siap suruh periksa bilik dia yang very smelly tu. That moment I dah agak yang the phone xde dalam bilik dia, thats why dia berani suruh geledah. I geledah kejap and left to the police as I went looking for it outside. Dia siap berSUMPAH yang dia xamik, then the lady sarjan said "dont lie to me, I've been working for 30 years and the first thing came out from pencuri is SUMPAH". Dia macam terdiam. Then that girl cakap "Nydia kenapa u panggil police, bincang la dengan I dulu". I was "WHATTTTT?". I called the police sebab nak cut all those crappy talk la. Duhh~! 

Finally dia confess!! But still want to tipu cakap the phone dia dah bagi kawan dia kat Dengkil (bajet pandai pilih tempat jauh la?), and her friend xde kereta nak datang hantar phone and dia kena pergi sana amik. Stupid! Ingat police nak bagi ko pergi sorang ke? Then the police cakap, jom la pergi naik kereta police. She went silent again. That time when I dengar dia mengaku I went outside sebab I was really really really mad and tak rugi panggil police! I cant even tengok muka dia yang kurang ajar tu sambil senyum sinis sometimes. Later police panggil I masuk umah and hulurkan my phone. Syukur! When police ask why she did that she said she like that phone before I got inside, but then change her statement to "I want to pay the rent". That time dah memang agak x leh nak tahan marah, I told the lady sarjan "excuse me sarjan, I want to yell at her kejap.. " and I told her to keluar umah now! "Pack your things and berambus". If some of you rasa agak kejam, xtau la.. I'm not going to sleep under the same roof with her dah especially after benda yang dah terjadi. Sape tau if dia buat ape-ape to me sementara nak tunggu pagi tu.. Not going to risk anything dah.. She officially went out around 4.30 am if I'm not mistaken. Next day x g keje terpaksa EL sebab tragedy ni selesai around 7.30 am. Duuhhhh.. Rugi EL! Grrr.. 

Conclusion : Dont put much TRUST on people!

pics from google.

15 March 2013

Women's Day!

*late update*

I got flower! Walaupon sekuntum je. Saya tetap gumbira. Hewhewhew! 
Tenkiu office kerana menghargai kami, kaum wanita! 

12 March 2013


Finally received my WonderBox January 2013 edition after a long wait. When they send the parcel I was away, warded for the sinus operation. Then the parcel dipulangkan balik to the sender and I need to pay another RM10 for the second delivery. Luckily it was my off day and able to received the parcel.  So yeah, there you go. The WonderBox! Honestly this time rasa sangat satisfied with the items. Check out the items below!

Item's price :
Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish - RM150 / 30ml
Elianto Nutri Rouge Lipstick - RM25 / 3g
Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask - RM11
Coloured Hair Chalk 
Ronasutra Anti-Bacterial NBR Sponge - RM2.50
Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder - RM48 / 8g

Guess what is my favorite item?? The Elianto Nutri Rouge Lipstick code N03! This is the first time I'm gonna try this color. Nampak macam orange but at the same time nude. Ahh, I dont know what color is it but I like it! Nampak classic. :)

It worth every penny! 
If you are interested do visit WonderBox and let them surprise you!

05 March 2013

Pimples NO MORE!

This is not product advertisement tau. Just want to share about my previous skin condition. Dah macam-macam product guna, from the "duit-hangus" range to "boleh-survive-lagi" range and lastly found my "you-are-the-one" range. Hehe! "duit-hangus" range untuk product yang agak mahal for me yang I pernah try such as SKII, Sothys. "boleh-survive-lagi" I guess for Origins, Beauty Umaira, rumpai laut, Vitamin C, etc.

My skin type is oily and ada jerawat! I've been using SKII for almost 3 years and it suits me well. Until one day I accidently apply the toner to my eyes area. Funny rite? Sometimes I did confuse dengan ape yang ada kat tangan and applied it on the wrong place. Guess what? Mata belah kiri jadi makin kering and berdarah, I mean kelopak mata. Btw, I'm not blaming SKII pon.. That time I baru je balik dari island vacation. A week disinari matahari and air laut surely will make your skin makin kering and sensitive. So I terpaksa stop for a while from applying anything on my face. 

After almost 2-3 weeks, kulit dah normal I met a friend suggesting me to try out Sothys. So Hi Sothys, Bye $$$! My date with Sothys went quite well but too many products nak kena guna and I'm lazy to do so. Since dah beli and bayar for the facial course, I terpaksa rajinkan diri ikot procedure everyday. First time ever I follow and x skip applying product on my face. I can see the different. After almost 7 months I guess, the beautician told me that my face macam kejap ok then x ok.. And that time my bank account getting decreasing. Tapi muka tak ok-ok lagi. She ask me to buy this and that and this and that tu not cheap you know! Its RMXXXX! I cerita kat another friend about this and she advised me to go to the skin specialist. During my almost last appointment with Sothys, I told the beautician I'm not going to buy their product anymore sebab I need to use the one given by the skin specialist. She kinda upset with my decision. Ye lah.. hilang commission dia la kot. Ala, ramai lagi pengguna setia Sothys. So dont worry ye cik beautician. 

Then proceed appointment with skin specialist. Ingatkan ok, I mean xsakit such as bila jerawat kena picit and removing the blackheads. I was wrong! Hehe. Memang doktor tu x buat facial at his clinic. Dia just bagi ubat untuk ditelan, cleanser, cream siang and cream malam. First week ok, nampak parut and jerawat kurang, tapi bila pakai cream siang dia tu agak perit la especially when you walked under the sun. Then tiba untuk second appointment, doktor suruh continue with the same cream and ubat. Muka started to keluar jerawat yang agak besar. Tambah with the rasa perit, then I stopped! Frustrated.

Malas dah nak g mana-mana clinic or anything. I just habiskan products yang ada.. One day I jumpe Ceuticals, gave a try. It was fine at first. But the pimples still popping out. And I dont really know the order of the product usage, since dia xde orang/specialist yang ajar or advice. Just communicating thru facebook je. Mana dia nampak my skin kan? Again, malas jugak nak layan this product. Hihi. 

One day, I blog walking to Namee Roslan's blog. I read her post regarding Vitamin C from Laili Beauty Care. Mula-mula malas nak layan sebab Namee dah memang cantik and her skin pon macam ok je (from my point of view la). Tapi biasala, tangan gatal je g click link tu. Then baca testimoni pengguna macam agak menyakinkan. So I ordered Vitamin C Organik 500mg. Sangat memuaskan! I can see the result in a week, tapi sorry saya xnak tertipu lagi. I makan everyday sampaila sedar tak sedar dah 3 months plus. Yes, the scar dah xde and less jerawat! Malam-malam I sapu Bio-Oil, so lagi la cepat parut hilang. Then saat-saat yang digeruni dah tiba, the shop dah stop selling for 500mg. They replaced with 1000mg Pahang Pharma. 

Dah sampai ke my last bottle of Vitamin C Organik 500mg tu la I met Beauty Umaira. The love of my life! Errrr.. Haha! That time I dah skip-skip makan Vitamin C Organik 500mg tu sebab focus kat Beauty Umaira. Bila dah habis Vitamin C Organik 500mg, I continue with Beauty Umaira je. That time la as I cerita on my previous post yang my office mates tegur muka nampak glowy. Dah habis sekotak, bekalan terputus. My aunty yang jual, xsempat nak pergi rumah dia untuk continue beli on the second box. Untuk for a while I saje-saje nak try Felinna PMC. Beli dua kotak, tapi sekotak je habis, bila nak masuk my second box my sister told me yang dia pon nak try tapi takot sebab dia berkapsul. And the kapsul can harm you one day. As I think that of course la I akan makan Felinna PMC ni forever kan sebab its good tapi pikirkan the side effect I quit. 

Alhamdulillah later I met my aunty and beli my second box of Beauty Umaira. And for mask I guna rumpai laut, yang kena masak sendiri tu then simpan dalam fridge. I amik sikit-sikit untuk buat mask. Kadang-kadang guna baki Beauty Umaira kat gelas tu je as mask. Oh, for cleanser I guna sabun glutathione yang color-color tu from Laili Beauty Care. Love it! Before tido sapu Bio-Oil on parut degil. And bila nak keluar g kerja or jalan-jalan I use Origins. So this is my "boleh-survive-lagi" range. And I guess, I also found my "you-are-the-one" range as well... for now at least... and let time be the judge.. :)

* ada tinggal sikit je lagi parut degil. caiyok! hehe. 

03 March 2013

Flying with Royal Jordanian..

Remember on the previous post I wrote about sinus surgery and Bangkok? Bangkok trip was a short notice kinda trip. We bought the ticket x sampai a month from the travel date. I check AirAsia (AA) ticket price almost same with Royal Jordanian (RJ) bila add baggage, insurance and meals. So we decided untuk pilih RJ since the price dah termasuk dengan baggage, meals and etc. Worth it you know.. 

During the online booking process I dah pilihkan for four of us the halal meals. Antara makanan yang dihidangkan adalah sandwiches, apple crumble, orange juice, plain water, coffee and tea. Sandwich ada 2; satu with cheese and another one is shrimp with some vegetables and pickle. I like the pickle sebab tak masam macam Mc'D punya. It kinda sweet sour but more to sweet. I siap curi my friend punya lagi and makan macam tu je. But I didn't drink it with orange juice, risau nanti sakit perut. Oh, and the apple crumble was too delicious! After done eating, they served you with coffee and tea. 

Perut dah kenyang, then boleh sambung tengok movie. Agak up to date jugak la cerita-cerita yang disediakan. They also do provide pillow and blanket. Feels like home huh? The 2 hours journey tu rasa kejap je. They pampered you much kan. :)

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Actually this is not the recent surprise box I received. Kalau xsilap this one untuk bulan october 2012. Saja try for one month, tengok surprise ke tak bila received this box. So guess what? Not surprise at all! I bought 2 boxes, one for me and another one for my sister. Her birthday was on that month. So I asked the owner of BBF box to put a birthday card in it. Kononnya nak bagi surprise kat my sister la. 

My sister received this box earlier than me. She posted the picture of the box on her facebook but I cant really see the stuff inside. Few days later I received mine. I opened it excitedly but all the excited-ness gone when I saw the stuff inside. Tak tau nak describe how frust nya I that time. Why? See below pictures. 

Before that, let me tell you how I attracted to this box. I read a review on a blog showing the stuff she got. So I was like, wahhh awesome! Dapat lipstick, lipgloss fullsize, CLEO magazine, eyeshadow palette and etc. I pon nakkkkk! Luckily I didn't subscribed to this box. If not then I will suffer; sakit hati! Hehe. Yeah, I know it supposed to be surprised rite. Tapi it was too frustrated to continue dah. Dont believe me? Checkout below products.

Items inside :
-2 pieces of mask
-Clean&Clear facial wash - not interested to try
-Body Buff scrub - heard of this and wanted to try it out
-Hello kitty shower cap 
-Wonka chocolate - directly to the dustbin 

So yeah, bye BBF box. Currently I'm waiting for my WonderBox. Will update it soon! :)