29 October 2013

Party Time!

Anna's bachelorette party! Was held at Kaffe Cafe, TTDI last sunday. Nice place to have coffee and lepaking around with friends. Hehe. Love the ambience, very relaxing. Last minute plan sebenarnya for this party since not many of us will be available next week. So just chop chop done. Haha. Ayu & Ieqa took care of the balloons and props while me for the cake. Bought it from Wondermilk! Then headed straight to the venue. It was heavy rain that day, so some of us didnt not reach the venue on time. While preparing some game for the bride-and-groom-to-be, tiba-tiba nampak dorang dah dah terpacak depan kitaorang. Haha. Surprise x jadi! But nevermind, as long as everyone enjoying the party ok la. :)

Oh ye, I wrote Anna's bachelorette party kan. Patutnya for the bride only. Tapi last-last kitaorang combined for both bride and groom. Sebab both are our friends. Boleh kena kan dua-dua sekali.

Picture below nampak tak Hafiz (husband Ayu) gigih buka ikatan belon tu for the helium game. Memang xde keje. Bride-and-groom-to-be kena make a wish with "helium voice" yang macam chipmunk tu. Haha. 

And for Kaffe Cafe food experince : 
I ordered Seafood Olio (RM18.50), I think too much of chilli flakes which resulted to perut rasa macam ada api je. And for drinks I ordered Frappe Caramel Latte (RM11), it was nice. My friend, Nana ordered Creamy Carbonara Pasta (RM18); it was delicious, got some beef bacon on top of it. They are quite generous with the pasta. Memang kenyang! Ayu said their hot Green Tea Latte (RM10) sedap and she recommend us to order that. Memang tak la I nak order, x suka anything green sebab green equal to sayur. So, dalam kepala memang nampak sayur teh hijau. Lol. But beranikan diri untuk try it and yeah, it was nice. Haha! The taste is weird but still nice (for me only la kot?) - ikhlas, from the view of sayur hater!


28 October 2013

Family Trip - Hatyai (2)

Good Morning Hatyai!! 
View from Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. 

Yes, below picture tu my breakfast! Haha. Craving nak makan "Mee Cambo". So tak kira pagi or tengah hari. Redah je. Hihi. Tapi malangnya not that good. Ni more to mee sup with seafood. Ishh, this time tak jumpa the best "Mee Cambo" yet. Sedih! 

After breakfast, plan nak g snow house tapi tutup, so just singgah at the park next to snow house tu je la tengok ikan while the drivers went for breakfast! Haha. Panas siang-siang hari pergi park. Lol! After park, we decided untuk balik ke hotel. Boleh la bagi the children mandi pool. Actually tu lah point nak sewa hotel yang ada pool. 

We moved out from previous hotel (Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel) to this hotel.

Nice kan the pool? Oh, hotel ni very green I guess sebab ada very nice park. Hehe! Ish, lupa nak amik gambar taman tu. At nite ada wedding held there. Seriously very nice! I wanted to take the photo but the walkway to that place were blocked from where I came. Tak nak bagi kacau laluan guest untuk ke wedding tu la kot. 

The hotel name is Hatyai Paradise Hotel & Resort. Bunyi nama macam kat tepi pantai je kan? But no, kat kawasan perumahan! The breakfast is Halal. I think already certified by Thai's Islamic bodies la kot because they displayed the halal logo at the reception. And memang ramai muslim especially from Malaysia datang hotel ni. 

The room is very nice. Jauh beza dengan the previous one. Each room can accommodate 3 person lengkap with 3 towels, 3 pillows (ada extra lagi dalam almari).. Actually can fit in 4 person! The room is very spacious, ada kettle, coffee, tv, aircond of cos, separate shower and bath tub (the bathroom also spacious)!. And all this for 1200 bhat. I think this price is not for standard room. Maybe ada yang cheaper than that. Sorry forgot already. :)

Oh, ada wide balcony too!

Hatyai Paradise Hotel & Resort
99 Soi Lean Anusorn, Raj-U-Thid Rd. Hatyai, 
Songkhla 90110 Thailand.
Tel : (074) 362222, 363481-6

Later that nite we went to the famous night market, Perk Thai. Yes, shopping time! Haha. The place is very big and we just managed to cover like suku je kot? Penat nak jalan. The price is quite reasonable. Some boleh tawar but mostly fixed price. Around 100-500 bhat depending on the stuff la. If lapar time shopping tu boleh beli makanan kat halal shop. Kat Hatyai still can see many muslim and halal food. So no worries. :)

We had dinner at the shop nearby our hotel. Again no picture sebab lapar sangat-sangat! Haha. We had Tomyam, Kailan Ikan Masin, Telur Dadar and Daging Masak Merah. Semua sedap!! The food was for 6 person and it cost 480 baht!!! 80 bhat each person. Murah jugak la sebab banyak. Hihi. Balik hotel, tido kekenyangan. :)


23 October 2013

Family Trip - Hatyai (1)

Finally berjaya jugak went to Thailand to visit our relatives there on the second day of Raya Haji. They came here for many times already. So my uncle suggest buat trip to Hatyai and visit our relatives sekali la. So, we started our road trip kat Rantau Panjang-Sungai Kolok to Raman district. Kami singgah lunch at the relatives house around 2pm. They served us nasi with tomyam, ikan goreng, sayur, sup daging etc. It was freaking delicious. Masing-masing makan siap tambah nasi lagi. And yes, tu salah satu reason tak de gambar makanan. Lapar + sedap, terus ngapp je. Haha.  

After lunch, solat etc we continue our journey to the next relatives house. It took around 30 minutes to reach there. Here, they served us with buah-buahan, makan while chit chatting. Thank you for having us. :)

Since we dont want to be on road at night, kami bertolak ke Hatyai around 4.30pm. But 6.30pm dah gelap, same like our 7.30pm. We managed to reach Hatyai around 9pm. We checked in at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, in front of the Central mall. The hotel location is strategic but the room.. Hmm.. Very poor! Smelly, no kettle (for those with babies need that I guess). And rasanya macam hard to access the hotel because firstly, nak kena security check every time nak masuk (previously kena bom), small lift (susah nak angkat barang-barang), hotel lobby is at the 10th floor (hotel above shopping complex). Then from lobby, need to take another lift to the room. Oh yaa, the price is 1350 bhat! Including breakfast which they claimed no pork served. But the menu in our room stated there is pork. I'm not sure if they have separate kitchen for this.  

After checked in, we went downstairs for dinner. Banyak muslims stall along the street. We ordered Nasi Goreng seafood (50 bhat), Kuey Teow Seafood (50 bhat) and also Fried Oyster/Seafood (100 bhat). Fried Oyster/Seafood was nice, but Kuey Teow Seafood and Nasi Goreng Seafood agak lembik and rasanya so-so je. Sarang Burung "Laici" Kang pon nice. Ada few other dessert jgak yang sedap, served with milk, gula melaka etc (sorry I dont know the name ;p).

Lepas dinner we went for a walk along the streets. Tak banyak kedai, maybe sebab we were there on weekdays? I was craving for Pulut Mangga in front of the hotel tapi tak terbeli sebab kenyang. Ingatkan nak beli on the next day tapi malangnya we moved out to another hotel yang much selesa.


05 October 2013

The Body Shop.

My last time beli barang dari The Body Shop was ... Cant really remember when but it must be a long long time ago. Hihi. The Body Shop was and still my favourite brand. It just, u know.. bila dah kenal and mampu beli other brand made me forgot The Body Shop. Honestly when I found Chocolate Cats blog then I realized how much I rindu The Body Shop! :(

Anyway, its quite a good timing for my perfume and body mist to finished. Hehe. So without further ado I went straight to The Body Shop to check out their items. I was planning to buy White Musk but then I dont know how I ended up with Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist (RM53). Actually I cant decide between these two but since I used to have the White Musk before (long time a go) so lets try something new la.. Hihi! 

Then, I saw a lipstick that cost only RM49 with a "very me" color. Of cos I cant ignore this. I really like the honey-nude-moist effect from this lipstick. And yeah, it suits me well. I remember last time I bought a M.A.C lipstick (nude color) which at first I thought it suits me (under the yellow color light). But when I tried it at home, it so-not what I expected. I dont like the color and used it like 2-5 times je. 

Anndd utk cukupkan RM100 or more to received a free gift Honeymania Body Butter, I add another item which is Facial Brush (RM12.90). Who do not want such a gift kan? Hehe. :)


01 October 2013

Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream with Pine Pollen.

Firstly, x tau macam mana tiba-tiba boleh ada rasa nak cuba this cream. Maybe sebab ramai sangat yang tegur my face kinda berisi kot. Hmm. Tak tau la kenapa gained weight dalam masa 2-3 tahun ni. Ke sebab waktu keje tak normal? If shift malam I'll be having dinner at 2AM! Breakfast (kalau rajin) then balik umah tido! Plus tak exercise and tak aktif macam university dulu. This is not good, noooot good!

Okay, back to the cream story.. Went to Watson if I'm not mistaken sebab nak beli toothpaste pastu teringat bout this cream. Sebenarnya, I saw one of the Singaporean beauty blogger buat review regarding this product. Forgot the link already sebab main click je that time. So dari situ la tanam cita-cita nak g check it out kat kedai. Hihi!

So yeah, balik umah tu mmg excited la kan nak try kat muka. Honestly I memang takot nak try benda baru sebab my skin agak sensitive. Silap haribulan penuh jerawat kat muka. My first impression when touching the cream was "ohhh nooooo the texture kinda thick!". 2-3 kali fikir nak teruskan ke tak. I was like, alang-alang dah beli try je lahhh.. Hihi! So, esok pagi bangun terus cari "mirror, mirror on the wall.. Please give me a good result..". Guess whattt, the mirror did gave me a good result! Not that I bertukar jadi Snow White. Tapiiii my skin rasa very soft and can see the different on the pore size. What I did when applying this cream on my face was massage in a circular motion until the cream absorb. Ada rasa burning and cooling sensation la sikit bila sapu cream ni. Dont worry, it just for a while je. As per mentioned on the box, you can measure the result after 10 minutes. I dont really know how to measure as there is no step or guideline provided. Tapi as per reviewed (by the beauty blogger) memang ada perbezaan. Check out the video below, found another beauty blogger buat review pasal product ni.

Oh ye, I also realized that my scar dah a bit pudar (been using this for a week). And ada few jerawat makin mengecil. Tapi I kena make sure tak over applied. Takot nnt jadi too oily. I used this cream sekali je sehari, during the night time or in my case, whenever I want to sleep. Still tak berani to put on during day time. Hehe! Actually the main point of this product is for face-lifting but I cant see that result yet. I'll try to measure it again soon as per video above. Now I get the idea how to do so. :)

Some info found as below:

What is Pine Pollen?
Pine Pollen is fine, yellowish grains extracted from the flowers of the Pine Tree

Powerful Benefits of Pine Pollen:
Provides 300% more benefits
Contains 20 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 30 mineral elements & over 100 types of enzymes
Accelerates skin metabolism
Increases skin elasticity for firmer & smoother skin
Allows skin to maintain high levels of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a natural body antioxidant enzyme, to remove free radicals
Prevents the formation of dark spots and pigmentation, keeping skin bright, fair and blemish-free
Helps reduce pimples and acne

Key Ingredients:
Pine Pollen:
Rich in Vitamin B, C and E which help rejuvenate skin cells and maintain high levels of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a natural body antioxidant enzyme, to remove free radicals, hence reducing copper ions and preventing the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation.

Penetrates deep into the skin and promotes cell renewal and provides nutrients to skin cells to restore radiance.

Bio Mineral Essence:
Rich in proteins, amino acids and trace mineral elements, which are essentially required for skin cell growth

Bio Energy Fluid:
Contains mineral and trace mineral elements to accelerate cell re-growth.

Direction of Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply the cream on your face and gently massage in circular motions. Safe on the eye area. Highly recommended for the neck to reduce fine lines. This replaces your usually moisturizer and is perfect as a makeup base. Use twice daily in the morning and night for best results.