12 May 2014

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 3 Eyeshadow

The story behind this purchase was so "tragic". My friend and I made a date to Jalan TAR to shop some stuffs. Shes getting engage this coming June so you know Jalan TAR is one of the must visit for engagement/wedding stuffs rite. Done with our thing at Jalan TAR, we decided to head home, plus the weather is bout to pour heavy rain that day. Very gloomy and dark for 4:30pm! We able to get inside the car when the rain finally poured down. So here came the challenging part! Haha.

Seriously it was a heavy rainfall and very windy plus the thunder and lightning. I was so scared to drive. I barely see the car around me. That time we were thinking bout the shortest way to get home and of course wanted to avoid the evening traffic or else we will stuck in traffic for hours. I was driving very slow while avoiding some the tree's branches on the road. Then I came to this one junction near Renaissance KL heading to KLCC. To go to KLCC (shortest way to go home) I need to turn left, so I took left and guess what.. Since I cant really see due to the weather, I almost driving through the high rise water at that corner. Suddenly I stopped my car and reversed! Luckily no car behind me. I reversed until the entrance of Renaissance! Only few meters but still it was a dangerous act. Plus I dont want more car queueing behind me and of course before they force me to go through by honking me. LOL! Oh, I saw a Toyota Camry (if I'm not mistaken) went through that road. That car passed! But I can see the water almost covering that car's tyre. My car is not Camry and yet far smaller than Camry so I guess I wont be able to make it.

Then we reach another junction in front of KLCC and I told my friend can we go to KLCC and wait until the rain stop before we continue our way home. She said Okay! After prayer we actually wanted to go for sight-seeing inside the Suria KLCC. I havent been to KLCC for almost or more than 4 years! But our mission failed at the moment we saw Sephora! Haha. We stuck there for hours! I guess around 3.5 hours? So I took this opportunity to check out Marc Jacob cosmetics. Hmm. I fell in love with Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 3 Eyeshadow. I bought one - "108 The Glam". I love the packaging! Plus the mirror kinda big and wide too. Who doesnt like that rite? :)

This is "The Glam". Most of my eyeshadows are brown, gold and cream. Natural colors. I dunno why I keep buying the same colors. Oh yeah, the sales person advised me to buy N@ked 1. She said it has more colors and more pigmented than Marc Jacobs. Hmm. Yeah, I like N@ked 1 but not this time I guess. I'm so itchy to get my hands on Marc Jacobs. Haha. :p

Below is 104 The Punk

106 The Rebel - the middle color is so nice!

102 The Ingenue

112 The Mod

110 The Shoe Gazer

So, which one you like the most? :)


06 May 2014

Wander Cafe by TudungPeople @Bangi Gateway, Seksyen 15

TudungPeople now in Bangi! Awesome rite. Hehe. So my friend and I went to their store opening, held on 3 & 4th of May 2014. We went there around 4pm. Luckily we still managed to grab some of the items. What I would like to buy actually is Maysaa shawl but only few colors left that day. Not much of a choice, so one Maysaa shawl and one Naylaa square scarf for me :)

The store were divided into two partitions, half is their Wander Cafe and another half is for the TudungPeople to display their products.

Love my pink Batik pants by Merah Jambu from FashionValet.
And the satin scarf is from MarshmallowScarf

Shopping done! We stopped for a drink at Teh Tarik Place. Just few doors away from Wander Cafe.