31 March 2014

Wedding of Dalila & Amir

Congrats Dalila & Amir!

I love her dais!




30 March 2014

Wedding of Amir Razlan & Shuhada

Congrats to Amir & Shu!

Their wedding took place at the Sime Darby Convention Center. Very nice kan?

Hafiz Hamidun in action!

Housemates reunion!

Spotted that "orange" box!


24 March 2014

Shopping with iHerbs

Ni la jadi when my hands got itchy! Haha. Yes, online shopping. Gatal-gatal g browse here and there, then jumpa something new. Interested to try and yeah, below are the result. Haha! I purchased 4 items from iHerbs. Btw, if I'm not mistaken la kan.. I was browsing on Real Techniques makeup brush. I was about to place order with one of the IG shop selling pre-order items then I came across to this one blog (which I already forgot the link) on her post bout iHerbs. Interesting! Hehe. Then I compare the price and it seems iHerbs more cheaper! 

For example, Real Techniques makeup brush cost $18 (around RM60) and most of the IG shops are selling for RM80-RM150. Some are including postage and some are not. Guess what? Using iHerbs, I purchased 4 items for $39.98 (RM132)! Yes, including postage from US to Malaysia using DHL.

The best part is, I ordered on 13 March and 4 days later (17 March) I received the package! The shipping cost using DHL is $8. 

Oh ye, you can purchase using Debit Card with Visa or Master Card too.

If you are interested to buy from iHerb, you can use this Rewards Code WSJ643 or use this link : http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=WSJ643. Valid for new customer only! You will save $5-$10 off on your first order. I used Rewards Code I got from another blogger, so I got discount too! 

Visit: http://www.iherb.com to start shopping. 

Description for each product; expiration date, price in RM, reviews, weight etc. Easy to refer rite?

My purchase details. I got $5 off. $10 off for order totals $40 or more!

And this is the tracking from DHL. You can monitor the current location of your package.

Happy shopping!


18 March 2014

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

I think I've found my true love! Let me introduce you to Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. The texture is very light and it has no color which mean it wont effect your foundation color. Therefore, the finishing is very natural! Love it. Check out below pics. :)

Hantu Mak Limah. :p

With only foundation (MAC NC42). Oh yeah, I'm in the mood of how-to-draw-eyebrow. Its been a week now and still experimenting. Forgive me for the ugly-looking-eyebrow. 

Now, no more Hantu Mak Limah. Haha. With Foundation (MAC NC42) + LMTLSP. My skin tone is even now and matte.    

Products I used for above look:
- Cathy Doll Pretty Volume Mascara
- Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
- NARS blusher (Orgsam) 
- SimplySiti Eyebrow liner 
- Maybelline Baby Lips (Thank u Kak Fatima!)
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil


12 March 2014

Makeup Expiration Date!

Found this Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual inside my cousin's car. Check out the page that I took before with a list of expiration date for our makeup. Hope this will be useful for us!


ELF & Revlon Lipsticks

To be honest, its been a while I stop buying cosmetics. First, due to my work which I dont need to put on makeup because I dont deal direct with customer like my previous job (Sales Advisor). Second is I work in shift, so wearing makeup at nite kinda too much I guess since the only thing I faced for 12 hours is my laptop. Haha. Same goes during the day shift. Most of my colleague are guys, and if I put on something such as eyeliner or noticeable lipstick color they will say sumthing like "ooo, makeup ehhh arini..". *_*

But now, I'm back being a makeup addict. Cannot tahan tengok my dearest Kak Fatima and her makeup collection. Everything look nice on her! Hehe. Okay, back to my recent purchase; elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters) which I bought online. And another 2 Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm (225-Sultry Sulfureuse) and Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse) that I bought during my Bangkok trip last week.

From left (below picture) : Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse), Matte Balm (225-Sultry Sulfureuse), elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters)

Without any lipstick on.

elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters)

 Matte Balm (225-Sultry Sulfureuse)

Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse)

I'm not good at this, but I think you can get the famous Korean lip tint look using Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse)

I love all of them! Especially elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters) because of the natural looks so nobody can notice it. Haha. I'm planing to get another elf Jumbo Gloss Stick color Umbrella soon. Hihi!