22 December 2014

Makeup Class with Leen Zakaria


A week before my wedding I saw Leen Zakaria, the famous makeup artist posted on her instagram bout her makeup class. I wanted to join this session as I already missed the previous session due to work. (hmm.. hello? you are bout to get married and still have time to think bout makeup class??)

The class were held at The Strand Kota Damansara. There were 6 students, a model and of cos the teacher, Leen Zakaria herself. Please bring a note book and pen if you wanna join her class. Shes so generous with handful tips and tricks. 

I love her makeup. Simple, not too heavy and the most important thing is you can still see your face! I mean people know that is you. Not hantu kak limah! Hehe. 

Nurul Ain Yusof, the face of Al-Humaira as the model on that day. Shes so beautiful in real! 

And this is the model of haunted house! Haha. I did the makeup by myself during the hands on session. 

The power of makeup. Haunted house model is now a Victoria Secret angel. Hahaha!

Not gonna miss the chance of selfie with the sifu herself. Beautiful rite?


Its time for group hugs photos! 


19 December 2014

Belum Rainforest Resort


Few days before we started our "normal-working-life", we had a 3D2N trip to Belum Rainforest Resort. I purchased this deal from Groupon for RM899 (original price is RM2030), quite a nice deal because this package came with meals, activities and of cos room!

The journey from our hometown took around 2-4 hours (by car) depending on the weather to Tasik Banding. Yes, Belum Rainforest Resort is located at Tasik Banding. On the left, just before the second bridge if you are from Jeli. I always love this place whenever I drove back from KL to Kelantan using this way with my uncle. Normally we reached Tasik Banding around 8-9am and I was mesmerized by the view. Very nice scenery!

So yeah, this time I got chance to stay here for 3 days. :)

The entrance of Belum Rainforest. You really need to focus on the signboard or else you will missed the junction.

After checked in, we went for a walk. Seriously I cant wait to see their awesome view. Very relaxing!

Cant afford to stay in this villa. Haha! Our room is just a Deluxe Room. But can upgrade if you want the lake view or garden view for RM150-RM200 per nite. Its okay, we just stick to that Deluxe Room.

View from the lookout point. 

Swimming pool facing the lake.  

On the way to our room. We got room on the first floor. Oh, I hate the stairs. Very slippery and I almost fell down due to the moss grew on it. Luckily I managed to grab my husband arm. :( 

I got few pictures of our room but the quality were bad due to no flash. You can refer to their websites for more : Belum Rainforest Resort

Buffet dinner. They served both western and traditional meals. 

I love to sit outside because of the view. So refreshing!

Told ya!

The activities provided as in the package are night trekking, bicycling and bamboo rafting. However the management told me that for night trekking, they are still in progress building the trail etc. So they replaced with some other activity which is lake tour. After the boatman arrived, we started our tour around the island. The boatman said this island is not that big and we can finish this in 30-40 minutes because my husband told him that I afraid to get on the boat. He also brief us bout the lake history, forest history yada yadaaa.. All I know is I want to reach the jetty asap! Haha.

Me and the boatman husband.