18 September 2012

Shopping vs Foods

Seriously Bangkok sangat awesome! Especially the foods. As you can see, the first picture below is my favorite. I ate it almost everyday for breakfast! Also, first time using their public transport, I mean the boat. A very valuable experienced to bring home. 

We were late that day to enter the Grand Palace, so no picture inside. *Sad*. We also found a-very-cute-coconut-abc-like-icecream! Wondering bout the taste? Enough to make you visit Bangkok again. *drooling*. 

Last stop for dinner was Sinthorn Steak House, served both steamboat/grill and western food. We choose buffet steamboat/grill. Forgot the price but if I'm not mistaken below RM20. Again, the taste was so freaking delicious! A must try!! Don't worry, its halal. Oh yea, you can do some shopping or just window shopping at the shop nearby and do visit the famous Bangkok islamic designer, CoverGirls. Lots of beautiful hijabs & etc.

still droolinggg.. :p

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