06 October 2012

Charity Walk for World Hunger Relief

It was fun. Tired and kurus! Haha. 10km if I'm not mistaken. Starting from Istana Kehakiman Precint 3 sampai lah depan PICC is 5km. So total is 10km. No cheating okay! It took us around one hour plus to finish the walk. :)

My friend told me total people yang join this event around 12k. Ramai kan? I rasa it was well-organized. Alhamdulillah semuanya lancar except one part, patutnya before the race begin, ada a group of paraglider datang bawak makanan la konon-kononnya landing kat depan main stage but due to angin kuat they unable to touch down safely. So tak dapat la tengok paraglider tu. Then proceed with Tengku Zarith Sofea cut the ribbon untuk memulakan perjalanan. Enjoy the pics!

Btw, ada van Miloooo okay!!

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