01 January 2013


Be original, use Origins. Ehh? Haha. Pandai-pandai je letak tagline kat product orang. Hihi! Before this ada datang mood rajin dok tengok video-video products review by orang-orang cantik kat youtube. And selalunya ada mentioned pasal product ni and one day hati terpanggil untuk pergi menghendap facebook si Origins ni. Bila hati dah bertambah suka, jari jemari laju je cari outlet Origins ni kat internet. :p

I went to their outlet yang dekat Gardens, Mid Valley. Hajat dihati nak survey je tapi tewas akhirnya. Hewhewhew. Terbeli below products. The price is reasonable I guess and boleh tahan up to 3 months plus. Since my face is combination type (dry+oily), the beauty advisor recommended this Zero Oil range. Of cos the main point of this product is to remove oil from your face. Hehe! Btw, I didn't buy the cleanser since my previous one still ada lagi. From left to right is toner, oil-free moisturizer and spot remover. The green and ocean blue sachet are free samples; mask and their new range Make A Difference Plus + (MAD) hydrating lotion. So yeah.. I'll try out this product first and see how it goes. If it is suitable then surely I will proceed.. :)

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