08 December 2013

Sunday Haul : M.A.C Lipstick

Its been a while x update blog. Busy berholiday. Hehe. 
Hmm, I hate meeting sales person yang peramah and pandai say nice words. 
Ish, my original intention nak beli a lipstick je but end up beli 2 lipstick and 4 lipgloss (limited edition set)!

This limited edition set consist of 4 lipgloss. Got different flavors and colors too except for mint; no color. Only can feel the mint sensation je and give the 3D effect. 

From left : mint, sugared vanilla, taste of paradise, dash of lavender.

And here are my 2 lipsticks. I wanted the Rihana's Limited Edition one but already sold out few days after launch. I saw a friend of mine wearing bright pink lipstick from M.A.C, its Candy Yum Yum if not mistaken. It was so nice on her so I decided to try it out. Haha. Gosh, its not suitable for me. Lol. So the sales person gave similar color, Amplified - Impassioned. Ok la, it suits me. Hihi. Then I saw another color which also quite nice, Matte - All Fired Up. It gave a nice and not so bright red. More to rose red I think. 

All Fired Up (under flourescent light)

 Impassioned (under flourescent light)

My problem now is, "when" and "where" I'm gonna wear all these!?

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  1. haha..pakai melaram kat rumah je..hehe,,all fired up nmpak cantik!!