06 May 2014

Wander Cafe by TudungPeople @Bangi Gateway, Seksyen 15

TudungPeople now in Bangi! Awesome rite. Hehe. So my friend and I went to their store opening, held on 3 & 4th of May 2014. We went there around 4pm. Luckily we still managed to grab some of the items. What I would like to buy actually is Maysaa shawl but only few colors left that day. Not much of a choice, so one Maysaa shawl and one Naylaa square scarf for me :)

The store were divided into two partitions, half is their Wander Cafe and another half is for the TudungPeople to display their products.

Love my pink Batik pants by Merah Jambu from FashionValet.
And the satin scarf is from MarshmallowScarf

Shopping done! We stopped for a drink at Teh Tarik Place. Just few doors away from Wander Cafe.


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