30 January 2015

Proxy Kitchen, Plaza Damas

I had an appointment with Bubble Gum Wax few weeks ago at Plaza Damas. I think it was a coincident that the night before my appointment, I watched Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (repeat) and the host were reviewing about this restaurant. I checked out the address and tadaaa.. Same place yaw! I go bodek my husband so that he will follow me to Plaza Damas. Hehe. 

After the appointment, we went straight to the Proxy Kitchen! I tot it was closed since no one inside and the sign on the door display "close". Then I saw somebody walking from the inside then I ask if the restaurant already open or not. He gave us the signal to step inside.

The decoration for this restaurant is very simple yet attractive. They painted all black and yes, they did wrote down some of the menu on their wall. 

Part of the menu available at Proxy Kitchen. For me the price is quite reasonable. And their food taste very delicious. We ordered their famous Lambbretta (for my husband) and Curry Pasta for me. Oh, and Beef Poutine Fries for starter. 

The beef is very tender and I can taste the spices in it but not too much, just enough to make you keep on munching those fries. My husband really like this. 

Here is the Curry Pasta with some fried calamari. The taste is very mild and creamy. Oh, a little bit spicy and still yummy, but you need to avoid chocolaty drinks as it will make your stomach extra extra full.

This is the famous Lambretta marinated with their secret black sauce and served with green oil chilli. Chilli? Haha. Yeah, but dont worry as it is nooottt spicy at all! I think it taste kinda sweet. The lamb is very awesome. Tender and no need to wait for long for them to prepare this meal. The mashed potato and the gravy also nice. Very creamy!

Cake!!! We didnt order this because we were too full already. I keep on eyeing those cakes. Looks delicious! Hope next time I'll do the justice. Haha!

Do you see that green plate from jalan-Jalan Cari Makan? :)


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