23 March 2015

FashionValet X The Luxe Nomad

Whattttttt?? Free getaway??
I want I want!!

That was my reaction when I came across the FashionValet's instagram post on their FashionValet X The Luxe Nomad blog contest. But then, realizing that I am not a good writer especially when it come to "contest-related", I decided to skip this contest. I told my husband bout this and he said, just give a try, who knows if it is your lucky day. 

So, here I am trying my very best of luck!

 Actually, I've been to Phuket before with my family. It was a road trip and you know a road trip is so time consuming! We dont really had chance to stroll around on the Phuket famous beaches, experiencing the local culture or even relaxing on the beach enjoying the sun and sea-breeze. What I can remember, we were on a day trip to Phi Phi Island, back to hotel, sleep, woke up early in the morning and start our journey to the next destination.

Sooooo... Thanks to FashionValet for giving us (blogger) the chance of a lifetime.. 

*drum rolls* 
*drum rolls*
*drum rolls*

to win a head-to-toe ensemble from FashionValet and a 3 days & 2 nights stay at Paresa Phuket by The Luxe Nomad!!

Have you check out Paresa Phuket website? If no, please please please spend your-less-than-5-second to click on the link and be warned that the website will cause you a day-dreaming session up for a week! :)

Let me give you a peek of this resort.

Wakey wakey! Yes, I know this resort is freaking awesomeeee! 

Look at the scenery of this resort, very calm and peaceful. Located on the sea side slopes facing the azure blue water of Andaman sea with a spectacular view that are more than enough to make us forget the reality of life for a while. The resort design are modern and yet still revered the traditional elements in it which bring the luxury, simplicity and romantic ambience under one roof. I really love the airy and spacious atmosphere within the villa, and having a private infinity pool in every room is plus. Of course, it wont be called a getaway if spa isn't included. Surely everyone love to be pampered right?! Not to forget, the romantic dinner for all the lovely couples out there. Dining with your lover under the stars, by the pool or during the full moon. It is your choice! 

Everything is beyond perfection!      

As for me, I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because I will never ever ever afford to have this kind of luxury holiday everrr in my life! Even by doing some saving, cut some budget here and there (this including no more shopping, by shopping means NO MORE FASHIONVALET!). Arghhhh, I cannot handle that! Too many pretty things there. Its a heaven for every woman. Same goes to Paresa Phuket, Heaven of all Heavens! Actually I've been dreaming to have a rest and relax kinda of getaway and this opportunity came right in time.     

I want to experience a getaway where there's only me and my loved one spending our time together, chatting and reminiscing bout the past, dreaming on our future.. relaxing and lazying on the sun bed, reading some books, take a dip in the pool while enjoying the beautiful scenery and having a spa treatment to rejuvenate my body and indulge. 

Paresa Phuket is definitely the resort that I've been dreaming for, at least once in my lifetime. The place where dreams become reality!


Having a wonderful getaway is awesome but a stylish getaway is perfection! Here are some of my pick from FashionValet on what I will wear for the 3 days & 2 nights getaway. 

Bright color will spice up the mood for getaway and stand out from the ordinary.

A laid back outfit for beach walk and pair it with a tote bag and a comfortable sandal is must! 

Saying goodbye always the hardest one. Ending my vacation with below outfit and new spirit to face the challenging life. 

Should I start packing now? ;p


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