24 July 2015

CaloriesKL, Hartamas

This is not a recent one actually. I went to CaloriesKL on their first month opening kalau tak silap. Nampak tak dah lama sampai tak ingat! Hehe. 

CaloriesKL actually owned by Mimpikita sisters. Yes, yang design baju cantik-cantik tu. Yang I always eyeing tu tapi tak beli-beli pon. Heee! So yeah, that day saje je drop by their newly opened cafe for lunch since I dah memang ada near that area, why not kann?

Check out their menu on picture below. Not much but okay la since they are still new kan. Mungkin by now dorang dah ada menu baru. :)

A-G-08, Galeria Glomas Hartamas,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
9:30am - 5pm
Phone : 03-62111960

I like their design, feeling-feeling kat dapur rumah je tgk the tiles counter dorang tu. Hehe. Simple je design cafe ni kan, white wall with some wood elements and of touch of bright colors for the decorations. Nampak clean and cool! 

We ordered Aglio Olio with Salmon and Waffle Sandwich with Beef Bacon. As for the food, I really think they need to improve the taste. My Aglio Olio sangat oily and too much of the fresh chilli. The taste was ruined due to the spiciness and it completely remove the Aglio Olio taste, you know the garlic-garlic thingy and the flakes or sometimes ada yang guna cili kering. And I hate the salmon sebab banyak tulang. Hihi. 

For the waffle, I actually nak yang lagi satu. Sweets Waffle ke ape nama dia x ingat, with the fruits-fruits tu but my husband, he loves trying new things. So this one for him. I think the waffle ni okay kot. But maybe they need to add some more ingredient utk tambahkan rasa. Beef bacon tu je yang bagi strong taste tapi still cant fight with the waffle punya rasa. 

Omg, please dont get me wrong okay. This was my experience. No bad intention ahead. Surely I'am able to squeezed in for another visit with a new experience. :) 


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