07 April 2013

Dr. Martens

Its been a while dah drooling wanting for Dr Martens' shoes. Cant really decide which one yang nak. Rasa macam nak semua! Not sure if all these shoes are available in Malaysia because I have not visit their store yet. Yeah, me going to the malls these days is really not-an-often-kind-of-thing. 

Anyway, I'm so onto this Battersea hi-cut boots! But still wondering if it is suitable for Malaysia's weather or not. Ermm, and will I really wear this? I'm not a frequent flyer to oversea especially the one with the cold weather. I love this so much and I dont know if it worth to buy or not. :(

Another options are as below. From left, Shoreditch, Evan and Stratford. Evan kinda cantik! With the flower thingy. Hihi. All in below picture I guess are normal shoes. I mean can be worn at any weather. Ala, nowadays nobody care kan? Wearing Battersea here in Malaysia.. Why not? :)

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