09 April 2013

The Good Old Days..

Just got back from meeting old friends from college. 10 years already knowing each other. Three of them are happily married! The gathering was held at Wondermilk, Uptown Damansara. It was my idea sebab nak sangat try their famous Super Beef & Fries. 

Baby Zahraa also joined us tadi. Asked Nana to bring her little pwincess together. Hihi. Zahraa is so adorable! Nana and her family came all the way from Seremban for Baby Fair at Midvalley. So alang-alang dia datang boleh la lepaking together-gether. :)

Bila ada "lepak" sure ada "makan". Hihi. Yea of course I ordered Super Beef and Fries and Kopi Rusa! I like the mixture of Kopi Rusa, very mild taste. I dont like if rasa too much coffee actually. Look at the bottle! First impression macam poison bottle. Hehe. Really adore their creativity in decorating the shop and menu. Btw, this is not my first visit and normally just dropped by beli their famous cupcakes and cookies. Never taste other meals except cupcakes and cookies! Ni kira my first time eating here la. Okay, back to Super Beef and Fries.. For me, its perfect! Nothing to complain about, except the portion is big! Hihi. Cant finish them alone. 


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