22 May 2013

Raya is coming soon..

Look at the title, am I too excited for Eid? Haha. Yeah I know, Ramadhan not yet arrive la. Actually what gets me excited is the Raya collection from all designers in Malaysia. Tak kesah from the expensive one to yang not so expensive one. Everybody starting to reveal their collection. I was blogwalking on Shea Rasol's blog then saw her post for Old Blossom Box (OBB). I heard bout this brand before from my sister but I'm not giving any fuss bout it until now.. Haha! Yeah, why suddenly I'm so kinda interested with this OBB.. At this age? 

Yeah, at this age it seems to be a bit late actually.. Maybe not that late tapi I je yang over reacting? Okay, as you know that OBB design is more to cute, funky sometimes, more than one colour and many "alien" subject on it. Long story short, its more appropriate for teenagers. Hihi. This year collection which just got released around 9pm today seems a bit of grown up design. I mean, they can atleast cater for people at my age which is great. Yeah I admit that I can still see some colourful design and the flowery thingy but guess what.. I like it! Especially the one with soft netting, minimal add-on flower and nice colour combination. Its more like malay version of Avril Lavigne outfit. :p

photo taken from Shea Rasol page

If you are looking for an elegance look, you can choose the blue one. Love the drape! The sewn diamond made this dress such a simple yet stunning attire for Eid or other events. On the left side, the dress also look nice and not much of an "alien" subject interfering on it. The size of the flower is just nice and love the orange drape effect. Make the dress look less static. Anyways, I'm still not sure if I'm going to get the middle design yet because I dont really like the material. Its Koshibo as stated in the website. Remind me of my baju kurung sekolah when I was in high school. Wonder if they accept outside material or not. If they do, then I surely visit them soon. :)


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