02 May 2013

B.LIV Japan Silk Mask

I'm not a big fan of mask especially the sheet one because normally it wont fit my face perfectly. Haha! Sometimes it cover my mouth, eyes and sometimes too big until reaching my baby hair. Hate when it touch my hair since I dont always wash it and will result to an oily surface around the baby hair area.. Hihi. But there is an excuse when the mask is really giving a good result. 

I got B.LIV first mask from BBF box which I subscribed before. I was like"brand ape ni?". After asking my favourite uncle Mr Goolge, found out that it previously known as Cellnique. If I'm not mistaken I did used Cellnique trial pack before. It was nice but cant really afford them during my student life. Okay, back to the mask story.. So one day I feeling-feeling of "really-really-taking-care-of-my-face" so I did facial at home and try out the given mask. Later after 20-30 minutes I found out that my skin is fairer. I was like "you are really an ohsemm mask!" and I want to have them like a lot. Hihi. So I search if there is any price tag with the shop name etc and luckily I found it on the back side of the packaging. It wrote "SASA" "RM6.90". Ape lagiii, I went to SASA beli. #happyme!


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