14 April 2014


Actual purpose I went to the mall was to shop for groceries. But then I passed by MAC store and I decided to enter. The salesman approached me and offered his assistance but I told him, "its ok, I just nak tengok-tengok je". Yeah rite! Btw, I like him as he did gave me space to view the products and gladly answer my question. Hihi. Some of the sales person more like insisting you to buy the products. Normally I will walked out from the store if I faced that kind of situation.

I was telling him that I missed the previous Rihanna red lipstick and wonder if there is any other new lipstick from Rihanna as I still can see her face all over the shop. We were talking near the payment counter then suddenly my eyes stop on one display near that counter. I told him "eh, this is Rihanna series too kan?" and he replied yes. He ask me to try it out. Then he added, "wear it with this lipglass, it will give a 3D effect on your lips". He helped me with the lipglass and that moment I fell in love with this collection! Seriously awesome!

This is me wearing only the lipstick (VIVA GLAM Rihanna, Frost A93). The texture is not too matte and not too shiny. Just nice. I can see the glitter thingy on the lipstick but when applied on lips its not that obvious.

Below is me wearing the lipstick + lipglass (VIVA GLAM Rihanna AA3). Check out that 3D effect. :)
 This lipglass also have that glitter thingy in red color. If wearing both kinda making too much statement, you can opt for only lipglass. Sorry I dont have picture for that, but the result still nice.



  1. Wow! Merahnya bibir! Looks nice on you. The lipglass do match the lipstick.