11 April 2014

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Finally had chance to try on the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Thanks to Sis Fatima from Fatimahearts for sending me the sample. So kind of you! I can wait no longer so I tried it out on my hand. I was at the office that time. :)

Oh yeah, the color match my skin very well. So now, if I wanna buy ALSF I have to worry no more! No. 8 it is! 

I think nothing much I wanna share bout this foundation as it already proven by many blogger out there. What I can say is, I like this ALSF! Oh yeah, compared to the L'Oreal True Match Foundation, of cos ALSF is much better. My skin stay matte with ALSF but with L'Oreal TMF made my skin a bit oily. And I dont like the smell of L'Oreal TMF. Btw, both are light weight foundation compared to my MAC. Anyway, as long as it make my skin even and matte then I have no problem with the light weight foundation. :)

I used the the ALSF during my visit to Modvier. Love the result so much. And the lips is from Maybelline Baby Lips that I won earlier from Sis Fatima's blog contest. All the way from Netherlands!

Papa mithali! Haha. My cousin's husband took care of the kids while we were busy shopping. They were running here and there and trying to open the fitting room curtain. Oppsy!



  1. Glad you like it..do u still have some left?

    1. hehe. yes, still have some left. sayang nak guna. :p