20 June 2014

Short Trip to Cameron Highlands

Its been a while since my last post. Plus not much of a plan lately or should I say this year. No vacation, by vacation tu maksud I no beach trip! Hehe. Ramadhan is just around the corner and there is no room for me to squeeze in for a short break. Can this be consider as a short break? Hihi. 9am-6pm kinda trip!

It was an unplanned activity, we were on our way back to hometown and we were feeling hungry and decided to stop for a breakfast at Gua Musang. Then my cousin came out with this "brilliant" idea of going to Cameron Highlands since it just an hour drive from Gua Musang. So after breakfast we headed to up the hill. 

Actually this is my 3rd time here and nothing much I want to explore. But my cousin insisted on going to the tea plantation etc etc. She said she never been to those places yet so that day I suddenly became a tourist guide for her. Since it just a short day trip we only able to cover few places such as BOH Tea Plantation, Bharat Tea and the market. Oh, the weather up there kinda hot!  

Tea anyone? 
I like their butter cake very much but the lemon butter cake on the right kinda disappointing. 

Hihi! Nice? Wait until you see my full OOTD!

Sweat shirt with big size t-shirt inside, pants (seluar tido) and selipar jepun. Yes, it is the going-to-bed kinda outfit! The original plan was sampai je kat rumah terus tido. 

Lucky for her, she has a denim jacket inside her car. For this kind of emergency use I guess?


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