22 July 2014

Diana Danielle x EMEL by Melinda Looi

I bet everyone is crazy with their raya shopping list. I went to JM tower in Shah Alam to view his collection and goshhhh, too beautiful too describe. No wonder I saw each person carrying multiple paper bags. I guess they cant decide which one they want and end up buying all. Haha.

Okay, back to my purchase of Diana Danielle x EMEL by Melinda Looi. I bought a piece of modern kurung as below. The design is simple, I like it. I bought online from Fashion Valet. So after some times, the parcel arrived at my door step. I was excited like everyone else.

The real color is a bit darker from the online picture. Okay, that is fine with me. The material is stretchable, I'm not sure what is the exact name for the material but it easily ruined when it touches the sequin on the wrist part and yes, some already did. I can see the mark there. Then, I realized for the belt, they didnt sewn it nicely. Some of the beads felt off the grip. Hmm. You know, it will drag another and another rite.. Really disappointed. Later on, I decided to remove all the beads from that belt and sewn it directly on the shoulder and wrist part. The finishing also not nice, more like making it in a rush. For RM350 is it worth it? Should I stop complaining? I think this will be my last purchase from this designer. 

Next year, I'll surely be hunting for Jovian's. :)

I added few more type of beads to enhance (ecehhh) the color. :p

Selamat Hari Raya!!


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