07 September 2014

Nabila & Afiq Reception (Bride's side)

Here are some photos during reception on our side. Since the weather is so unpredictable, indoor dais is a must if you dont the whole thing got wet or ruined due to the strong wind. I like the white + off white theme, very classy and exclusive. This dais is from Tina Marina, Kota Bharu. Their service was awesome like seriously serious! Haha. 

Enjoy some pictures from my phone and some are from my relatives. 

Both hantaran was done by Najib. Not sure about his shop details as I help to pick up the hantaran at his house. All using fresh flowers. Love the flowers combination!

Miss Najwa in the house. Hehe. The person in charge for the wedding songs and she was very excited to used that device.

With Grandma on Dad's side.

Cousins and sisters.

Outdoor photo shoot session. :)


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