05 September 2014

Nabila & Afiq (Solemnization)

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. My sister is officially a wife to her husband, Afiq. The solemnization was held on 29 August 2014 at Putera Valley Resort & Training Center, Tanah Merah. It is a beautiful place for wedding especially for garden/pool wedding theme. 

Around 9am everybody gathered around the surau to welcome the groom's side together with the dulang hantaran. Once ready, tok kadi memulakan majlis with some doa and ucapan. Hihi. Now come the very scary part especially for the groom, its the akad. Luckily in Kelantan, we can use a simple akad. 

Dulang Boys and Dulang Girls

Taking his final breath before saying the akad. Haha. 

Yeayy, finally they are married! 

Sister, Mum, Grandma, Me. So its a WeFie! Haha.

One taken, 3 to go. Haha. My sister in black hijab arrived after the ceremony. Her bus broke down and started the journey late. Tak sempat nak iron and style kan hijab. Thats why she is in the black hijab, just in case you wonder why.


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