10 November 2015

Hammam Spa, Bangsar Village II

I made reservation at this famous Hammam Spa a month earlier than the actual date. A month? Who did that? Haha. Ye la, I takot full slot pulak and thats the only time yang my friend and I free. Shes getting married soon. 14 November 2015 to be exact. So I decided to treat her with a spa session before her big day. 

I booked for Hammam and Gommage pakej. We arrived at the spa on time. Tak sempat nak duduk, the staff ask us to straight away change our clothes. We were accompanied to our locker and put all of our stuff there. They provide us with a disposable bra & underwear, bathrobe and slipper. Then we were directed to go to the "heaven"! Hehe. There are 2 rooms, one for the bath ceremony and the other one is for steaming I guess (to lay down on the warm marble). Both are located in one big room. At first memang my friend and I je, then datang another 2 more chinese lady. Malu oi mandi ramai-ramai! After mandi both lady tu di bawa ke steam room. Patutnya kami pon kena g sana but I rasa bcos of the space limitation, kami dibaringkan dekat marble area tempat mandi je..

Okay let me story a little bit bout the steps. First, the staff akan mandikan kita. She will pour the water kat badan and rambut but u can choose not to basahkan rambut. They will provide a shower cap nanti. I was shocked when she poured the warm water tu sebab my body were in the aircond/cold temperature then suddenly kena jirus dengan warm water. I rasa air tu panas gilaaa! After mandi, the Moroccan lady nama Nadia sapukan Moroccan Black Soap pada badan kita and  suruh kita baring on the warm marble for 15 minutes I guess. Then she came with the Hammam glove and scrub our body. As per the review I read earlier they said the glove macam kertas pasir! Haha. U can see the dirt or kulit mati kat atas marble tu nanti. I macam, "wuttttt? aku x mandi/scrub ke selama ni?". Oh please inform them jangan scrub kat sensitive part such as n*ppl*s. Totally no or u will regret it. As for me I ingat memang dia tak akan touch that sensitive part, but dia just zuppp and I macam terjerit sebab sakitttt! My friend luka okayyy! After dah selesai scrub, kita dimandikan lagi and rambut pon akan dishampoo sekali. Sooo.. thats all bout the Hammam & Gommage. Hee! Then the staff akan sediakan tea and baklava. I think ni baklava yang paling sedap I pernah try, not too sweet! Boleh la chillex for a while kat kerusi ala-ala daybed tu before g tukar baju.

After the tea session, kami kembali ke changing room untuk bersiap, dont worry ada hair dryer, disediakan kalau u choose untuk basahkan rambut. Masa tengah bersiap tu I heard someone knocking on our door. I ingatkan their staff and I said kejap.. sebab my friend tengah nak pakai baju. But she said its fine to open the door, sbb xde nampak lelaki pon tadi. Luckily I tunggu jugak dia pakai baju and open the door and we were surprised tengok ada lelaki in a bathrobe! Cepat-cepat I tutup balik pintu changing room tu. Urghhh this is so not cool! Memang we were lucky, kalau kami "chillex" lama kat luar tu confirm akan "chillex" skali dengan that guy! Or maybe will be sharing the bath room together???

Eventho I suka spa ni, I still dont like their policy (kot) of mixing both gender. Hmm, maybe my fault sbb x tanya if ada lelaki buat appointment (couple spa) on that day. Tapiii arghhh memang tak terfikir la kann akan terserempak dengan lelaki kat dalam tu. Its better for them utk buat satu bilik khas utk couple sekali dengan semua kelengkapan yang diperlukan kat dalam tu so they can have their own privacy, annnndd kami pon can have our own "privacy". Duhhh..

Check out their website for more details : www.hammamspas.com

*pic taken from Hammam Spa website.


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