05 March 2016

April Skin No.23 (Natural) Review


I dont know how to start this entry with. Either excited feeling or guilty feeling.. Hmm, I think I'll proceed with the excited feeling for start. I came to know about April Skin from my sister. What is that? New brand? How it looks like? At first I dont even bother bout it until one day I was on instagram "stalking" some make up stuff then I saw a photo and description describing something similar to what my sister told me. Then the itchy hand started to text the seller asking bout it. Seeing that April Skin only have 3 shades, I'm having doubt that it will suit my skin. So it ends there.

New day, new week.. my hands still itchy, my mind still on it! Again I "stalk" the instagram and decided to buy NOT April Skin but Doctorcos! So I made payment and later when the parcel arrived I was excited to open it and found out my Doctorcos turned into April Skin! Like seriously!?? I texted the seller informing her bout the problem and she ask me to send it back to her if I dont want it. She mislooked my whatsapp text and that was the reason why she sent me April Skin instead Doctorcos. Actually after payment made, I did ask her bout the availability of April Skin as our last conversation so I guess she assume/mistakenly think I ordered April Skin.

Oh gosh, it seems like April Skin is destined for me. Haha! And I cant resist the curiousity inside me to check out on the product. After a while I decided to accept April Skin and bought the 60ml Doctorcos instead of 110ml and it cost me another RM69. My office friend told me that I am the type of person who like to buy things.. Hehe! But waittt, who doesn’t riteeeee? :)

So the next day Im experimenting my April Skin to the office! First application made me want to pass out! Seriously it is a big different between the shades that I purchased and my skin tone. FYI, I choose number 23 (Natural) and still it too bright for me. This is a Korean brand and of cos it suit Korean skin tone lah. I tried to ease my heart saying that later it will blend well with my skin. I seriously apply a thin layer of the powder. At the office I noticed some of my office mate that are quite close to me able to identify the changes on my face. Hahahahha! Damn it’s obvious huh? The worst part is, a guy friend of mine with his silly face reaction said to me "DID U BLEACH UR FACE?". Damn u friend and April Skin. Hahahahahahahaha! However I managed to stay strong and survived the day.

So now is the guilty part.. of wasting money buying product that doesnt suit me! I dont know what to do with it, of cos I cant sell it due to hygiene issue. Hmm, until then I think I will try to minimize the amount to be applied on my face or some other way to make it NOT obvious. Use it as a foundation perhaps?  Oh yeah, one thing I noticed during my experimental period, this thing is sort of water proof and really really need makeup remover to remove it. So be careful especially when u need to take the ablution for prayers.

Wondering how my face/skin with April Skin?

In term of coverage, you can see as below. My scar is still visible. This is just a thin layer application and I think I obviously cant apply much of it as it will make my skin brighterrrr to another tone! I guess if you are having fairer skin than mine, you can easily cover the scar without effecting the skin tone.

And here is the comparison side by side, you can see the differences rite? Seriously I am not comfortable with this magic powder. I dont really like smell too. Hmm. So my conclusion isss.. April Skin no.23 Natural is not that natural for medium-dark skin tone. But still, its up to the individual rite.. One thing for sure it is not for me.. :)

Have you tried this product? Comment below yea.. 



  1. hye.. did u still use this cussion?
    i want to try it, but still survey for malaysian review. hehe

    1. Hye Noor! Nopeee.. Heee.. I used this less than 5 times (inside my house je).. Color not suitable with my skin tone and i hate the sticky feeling on my face.. But I like the one from Bobbi Brown. It just the price is a bit more expensive than April Skin. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there! I bought for RM110-130 from IG shop. Sorry cant remember the exact price..