04 April 2016

FOTD : NARS Llipstick & Illuminator


Bila pegi Midvalley je, singgah NARS.. Cuci mata and sambil-sambil tanya stock duo eyeshadow (Surabaya) yang famous tu available ke tak. Dah 3-4 kali dah tanya memang tak pernah ada stock. So I decided to put my name under the waiting list, 3 pages before reaching my name to be exact! Its okay.. saya sabar menanti.. Hahaha!

Tapiii kali ni I tak pulang dengan tangan kosong.. Hihi. I bought 2 benda iaitu NARS lipstick in Anita (staff NARS cakap this shades is hot selling, lucky ada stock) and Illuminator in Copacabana.

I'm looking for a ndue* lipstick yang sesuai dengan I of cos. And yang boleh pakai like every day to the office, jalan-jalan or event. At first, the staff suggest this one color (forgot the name) and it turned out too bright for my skin. I ask for the warmer color and she gave me Anita. Where were u all this while "Anita"? Haha. Seriously, I'm in LOVEEE with this color. Not so brownish and not too pinkish. I love the texture too, soft, easy to apply and moist. 


And this is me main makeup-makeup.. Haha.. Testing the illuminator and lipstick. I mixed the illuminator dengan foundation and yes, this is nothing new, not a secret. Ramai yang buat mcm ni as they said nampak glowing. Btw, I think this is my first time I managed to make my stubborn eyebrow similar to the other one. Yayy to me!

What I use for above look..

Foundation : Farmasi (FCC Malaysia) + NARS Illuminator
Loose Powder : Laura Mercier
Powder : Makeup Forever
Eyeshadow : Marc Jacobs
Eyebrow : Sleek
Blusher : NARS Orgsm*
Lipstick : NARS in Anita
Lipliner : Farmasi (FCC Malaysia)
Mascara : Farmasi (FCC Malaysia)


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