21 October 2016

Review : FAME Cosmetics, SugarBelle & DIDA Matte Lip Cream


So in this post, I nak cerita about 3 Matte Lip Cream yang tengah "hot" sekarang. Check out below okay..

1. Fame Cosmetics (RM29 / 2g)

My MUA friend yang introduced me to this brand. Memang tengah meletop sekarang ni, ramai MUA yang guna. FAME Soft Matte Lip Cream ni ada 7 colors and 2 colors from their Limited Edition which is Topaz & Glam (RM70). Very nice color these 2! Untuk color yang lain boleh check out their IG : FAME_COSMETICS

What I like bout this product ialah "texture"nya. For me, I think dah macam nak sama dengan NYX yang selalu sold out kat Sephora tu. FAME Cosmetics claimed ni soft matte lip cream and yes, memang very lite, rasa tak pakai ape2 pon ye. Soft & creamy but it takes a while to dry out. Bila apply, it will hide rekahan bibir, sesuai la kot utk orang yang malas nak scrub bibir macam I. Also I like the smell yang not so strong, manis2 vanilla sikit baunya.

One thing yang I confuse sikit bout FAME ni, since I ada both, yang normal one in Candy and yang Limited Edition.. I noticed the texture are not the same. I mean Candy a lil bit cair compared to Topaz and Glam yang seakan NYX tu. Candy nak kena apply 2-3 kali. Hmm, weird. Actually when I received the lip cream, I try yang candy and perasan that it smudge all over the stick up to the cover. Alaa, macam orang dah open it and try. I did told my friend bout it nak tanya dia punya sama ke.. and she replied some of it yesss (but seems like she also cant confirm it sebab ingat2 lupa).. For Topaz and Glam ok pulak, memang baru like nobody open it yet.

So I cant confirm on the texture for normal color are the same with their Limited Edition or not since I only have one of it. Kot2 la mine punya tu testerrrr ke.. Is it possible dorang tertukar?? Aaaa.. :(

2. SugarBelle (RM45 / 5g)

Untuk SugarBelle pulak, I pernah review before. Click here : http://nydiaanies.blogspot.my/2015/09/sugarbelle-luxurious-matte-lip-cream.html

SugarBelle ni pon okay, cuma I dont like the wangi sabun smell on it. "Texture"nya pon soft and dry out cepat sikit dari FAME Cosmetics.

3. DIDA (RM45 / 7g)

DIDA pon one of the rising matte lip cream. I bought color Hollywood previously. For me DIDA mempunyai texture yang paling heavy compared to above lip cream, It dry out very fast and akan buat rekahan bibir lagi obvious, so you need a proper prep before applying it. Their colors are nice, you can refer to their website : DIDA

DIDA pon ada bau but very less compared to the other 2 brands. It something in between chemical smell and sweet smell but verryy low la. What makes me not so into DIDA is it hard to remove. You need the waterproof makeup remover! The other 2 above are easily wiped with wet tissue or just tissue. Hope DIDA akan improve on their texture and make it a lil bit moist so it wont dry out terribly.

Above : i use my finger and lalukan on the lip cream and as you can see, FAME memang lambat kering. ni around 2-4 minutes.

Below : i wipe guna tissue je and all are gone except DIDA. 

So, which one is your choice?


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