17 April 2017

Laura Mercier Flawless Day & Night Look Workshop


I would like to share with you on Laura Mercier Flawless Day & Night Look Workshop yang I joined earlier (a month ago!). I came to know bout this event from Laura Mercier Malaysia punya instagram. Registration fees is RM50 so why not kann.. This is just a makeup demo, bukan kelas makeup ye. :p

I arrived pretty early, nobody was there yet and the staff said they are not ready lagi at that moment so I sempat g shopping jap. LOL! Bila datang balik tengok queue dah panjang. Hihih.. Proceed with registration and received our goodies bag. So small u know. Hahaha. Wondering what cost RM200 tu.. I sat on the 3rd row with my sister, near the food of course! 

While waiting, we had some lite breakfast prepared by Laura Mercier team. The food was nice. It just a bit hard to eat with a very limited space available there. But I'll work my way out when it comes to foods. Hehe.

So the session started, I dont know if I am supposed to write this or not. Hope they dont take it in a wrong or negative way la. Here are what I noticed during the session;

1. hands free microphone should be provided to the mua sebab mua is using both hands doing the makeup so how is the mua going to hold the microphone at the same time.
2. i barely can hear what the mua was saying. even when holding the microphone because dia put the mic pretty far dari mulut and seems a bit shy or nervous I guess? honestly I can see boring faces from the participants. 
3. masa awal-awal demo started, the mua keep on asking bout the product to the sales team. a guy (i forgot his name). I believe any mua who got invited to this kind of events should study the product from that brand first so boleh explain dengan confident sikit even you are not using their product.
4. the participants was wondering what the mua was putting on the model face as no explanation/descriptions given after some times. then someone from Laura Mercier team took the mic and explain bout each of the products. and i can hear her clearly due to proper mic distance. 
5. goodies bag that worth RM200? was it the brow shaping or the 2 sample which i suppose just a sample? i mean, sample supposed to be free right? maybe over expectation from me of thinking that we might be getting a full size product from Laura Mercier.

Overall, I think Laura Mercier need to take into consideration on the points above. And please dont take this in a negative way. Oh god I scare!

So here is the model for that session. I forgot her name. I love the look created by the mua. Natural and suitable for day and night events. Anyway, this is still half done. No lipstick yet if not mistaken. 

Oh yeah, there were manicure booth from Glitz and they provide free manicure for those who are interested. But limited for certain numbers of people. 

Thats all for now! 

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