06 December 2012

Tomatox by Tony Moly

This is not a real tomato okay. I was attracted to their packaging actually. Very cute and very real! I bought this at the Incheon International Airport while waiting for flight home. At first I saw this tomato figure at Dongdaemun but I was in a rush. Then I saw it again at the airport and decided to buy. I bought 3 items including this Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack, Egg Pore Black Head Out Oil Gel and Egg Pore Tightening Pack. 

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack contains Tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients. Before apply of course need to wash our face first and towel dry the face. Take an adequate amount of the product and softly massage with finger about 1-2 minutes. After massage leave it as mask for 5-10 minutes and then clean it with water only. Do not use soap/foam cleanser! Towel dry the skin and do not hardly rub, just light patting motion.

Tadaaaa!! Well, you will see your face whiter than before because the texture is clay like. Hardly to remove using water only actually. I just try my best and if still cant, I just left it like that and sleep.. I don't think I will go out with that kind of face color. Haha! It will disappear eventually. Maybe that is why they called it magic! :p

Btw, it only cost 7 USD (7500+ KRW) in Korea! Around RM23. When back home I googled for this brand and its actually already selling here in Malaysia. But the price is higher, RM50+. If it is good, then can proceed using it rite? Plus it easy to get even though quite pricey.

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