24 December 2012

Too Cool for School!

Another product I bought from Korea. Yeahhh.. Too Cool for School babeh! Hehe. Tertarik sangat with this brand because of their packaging. I bought Dinoplatz for 10000krw (RM30). Its a lipgloss actually. As you can see it is green but don't worry as it wont let your lip turn green too. Apply on your lip, then the color will appear according to the temperature around you. Oh, the color is red (can see here, I used it at the wedding). It can be warm red, rose, bright red etc bergantung pada suhu and it is long lasting. Love this so much!

I also received 2 free samples as below. Super like!


  1. OMG!!! I didn't see the Dinoplatz lipgloss. It's so cute!!! I want!!! Is it nice to use?

    1. I love it sooo much! Try it out.. :)