22 December 2012

Tribal, Glitter & Rock


Bought this bag during my trip to Penang lepas Ayu's wedding reception (previous post : Her Big Day). Masa kat Penang we went to Straits Quay. One of my friend told that ada street bazaar during weekend. Macam biasalah, niat asal nak cuci mata je.. sekali dengan wallet kena cuci rupanya. Hihi! Btw, love the color which is red and studded skulls on the corner. :)


Its been a while asyik dok view kasut-kasut from Agape Boutique, akhirnya I submit order untuk dua kasut below. Why? I'm afraid nanti sampai-sampai tak muat nak pakai la, too big la. Macam-macam! So far tak pernah lagi beli kasut online and luckily everything went perfect. I ukur my size according to the step given by Agape Boutique on their website. If still afraid to buy online, just visit their concept store at 3rd floor, Parkamaya, Fahrenheit 88.


Worn this during my friend's wedding and I was surprised actually. Its quite comfortable! :)  

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