29 October 2013

Party Time!

Anna's bachelorette party! Was held at Kaffe Cafe, TTDI last sunday. Nice place to have coffee and lepaking around with friends. Hehe. Love the ambience, very relaxing. Last minute plan sebenarnya for this party since not many of us will be available next week. So just chop chop done. Haha. Ayu & Ieqa took care of the balloons and props while me for the cake. Bought it from Wondermilk! Then headed straight to the venue. It was heavy rain that day, so some of us didnt not reach the venue on time. While preparing some game for the bride-and-groom-to-be, tiba-tiba nampak dorang dah dah terpacak depan kitaorang. Haha. Surprise x jadi! But nevermind, as long as everyone enjoying the party ok la. :)

Oh ye, I wrote Anna's bachelorette party kan. Patutnya for the bride only. Tapi last-last kitaorang combined for both bride and groom. Sebab both are our friends. Boleh kena kan dua-dua sekali.

Picture below nampak tak Hafiz (husband Ayu) gigih buka ikatan belon tu for the helium game. Memang xde keje. Bride-and-groom-to-be kena make a wish with "helium voice" yang macam chipmunk tu. Haha. 

And for Kaffe Cafe food experince : 
I ordered Seafood Olio (RM18.50), I think too much of chilli flakes which resulted to perut rasa macam ada api je. And for drinks I ordered Frappe Caramel Latte (RM11), it was nice. My friend, Nana ordered Creamy Carbonara Pasta (RM18); it was delicious, got some beef bacon on top of it. They are quite generous with the pasta. Memang kenyang! Ayu said their hot Green Tea Latte (RM10) sedap and she recommend us to order that. Memang tak la I nak order, x suka anything green sebab green equal to sayur. So, dalam kepala memang nampak sayur teh hijau. Lol. But beranikan diri untuk try it and yeah, it was nice. Haha! The taste is weird but still nice (for me only la kot?) - ikhlas, from the view of sayur hater!


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