28 October 2013

Family Trip - Hatyai (2)

Good Morning Hatyai!! 
View from Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. 

Yes, below picture tu my breakfast! Haha. Craving nak makan "Mee Cambo". So tak kira pagi or tengah hari. Redah je. Hihi. Tapi malangnya not that good. Ni more to mee sup with seafood. Ishh, this time tak jumpa the best "Mee Cambo" yet. Sedih! 

After breakfast, plan nak g snow house tapi tutup, so just singgah at the park next to snow house tu je la tengok ikan while the drivers went for breakfast! Haha. Panas siang-siang hari pergi park. Lol! After park, we decided untuk balik ke hotel. Boleh la bagi the children mandi pool. Actually tu lah point nak sewa hotel yang ada pool. 

We moved out from previous hotel (Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel) to this hotel.

Nice kan the pool? Oh, hotel ni very green I guess sebab ada very nice park. Hehe! Ish, lupa nak amik gambar taman tu. At nite ada wedding held there. Seriously very nice! I wanted to take the photo but the walkway to that place were blocked from where I came. Tak nak bagi kacau laluan guest untuk ke wedding tu la kot. 

The hotel name is Hatyai Paradise Hotel & Resort. Bunyi nama macam kat tepi pantai je kan? But no, kat kawasan perumahan! The breakfast is Halal. I think already certified by Thai's Islamic bodies la kot because they displayed the halal logo at the reception. And memang ramai muslim especially from Malaysia datang hotel ni. 

The room is very nice. Jauh beza dengan the previous one. Each room can accommodate 3 person lengkap with 3 towels, 3 pillows (ada extra lagi dalam almari).. Actually can fit in 4 person! The room is very spacious, ada kettle, coffee, tv, aircond of cos, separate shower and bath tub (the bathroom also spacious)!. And all this for 1200 bhat. I think this price is not for standard room. Maybe ada yang cheaper than that. Sorry forgot already. :)

Oh, ada wide balcony too!

Hatyai Paradise Hotel & Resort
99 Soi Lean Anusorn, Raj-U-Thid Rd. Hatyai, 
Songkhla 90110 Thailand.
Tel : (074) 362222, 363481-6

Later that nite we went to the famous night market, Perk Thai. Yes, shopping time! Haha. The place is very big and we just managed to cover like suku je kot? Penat nak jalan. The price is quite reasonable. Some boleh tawar but mostly fixed price. Around 100-500 bhat depending on the stuff la. If lapar time shopping tu boleh beli makanan kat halal shop. Kat Hatyai still can see many muslim and halal food. So no worries. :)

We had dinner at the shop nearby our hotel. Again no picture sebab lapar sangat-sangat! Haha. We had Tomyam, Kailan Ikan Masin, Telur Dadar and Daging Masak Merah. Semua sedap!! The food was for 6 person and it cost 480 baht!!! 80 bhat each person. Murah jugak la sebab banyak. Hihi. Balik hotel, tido kekenyangan. :)