03 March 2013

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Actually this is not the recent surprise box I received. Kalau xsilap this one untuk bulan october 2012. Saja try for one month, tengok surprise ke tak bila received this box. So guess what? Not surprise at all! I bought 2 boxes, one for me and another one for my sister. Her birthday was on that month. So I asked the owner of BBF box to put a birthday card in it. Kononnya nak bagi surprise kat my sister la. 

My sister received this box earlier than me. She posted the picture of the box on her facebook but I cant really see the stuff inside. Few days later I received mine. I opened it excitedly but all the excited-ness gone when I saw the stuff inside. Tak tau nak describe how frust nya I that time. Why? See below pictures. 

Before that, let me tell you how I attracted to this box. I read a review on a blog showing the stuff she got. So I was like, wahhh awesome! Dapat lipstick, lipgloss fullsize, CLEO magazine, eyeshadow palette and etc. I pon nakkkkk! Luckily I didn't subscribed to this box. If not then I will suffer; sakit hati! Hehe. Yeah, I know it supposed to be surprised rite. Tapi it was too frustrated to continue dah. Dont believe me? Checkout below products.

Items inside :
-2 pieces of mask
-Clean&Clear facial wash - not interested to try
-Body Buff scrub - heard of this and wanted to try it out
-Hello kitty shower cap 
-Wonka chocolate - directly to the dustbin 

So yeah, bye BBF box. Currently I'm waiting for my WonderBox. Will update it soon! :)

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