16 July 2013

Fuzana Mokhtaza Raya 2013

Sekarang macam dah trend well-known designer buat baju raya at affordable price so that ramai orang akan dapat merasa pakai "baju designer". Ada jugak la dok tengok-tengok design dorang tapi still tak melekat dekat hati. My friend dah borong a lot of Jovian but me still waiting for FuzanaMokhtaza. She just revealed her collection for Raya 2013 few weeks ago. Simple and elegance! The price already increased but if the material okay then why not paying for that right? Check out her design below. 

Love the red dress, but I bought another design which is peplum again. Hihi! Yang white color below tu I dah ada that kind of design, I think she used the same material as before. Yang peach color tu macam glamour sangat. Hiks! But nice la untuk attend event kan.. 

So this what I have purchased, Juliet in White. :)

Go grab yours now! Most of them already sold out but I heard Fuzana going to restock some of it. 
Good Luck! :)

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