31 July 2013

The Nail Parlour, Alamnda

Its been a while actually, planning nak pergi manicure and pedicure and hari ni baru tercapai hasrat tu. Plan asal nak cari baju raya for my niece. Masa jalan-jalan cari kedai baju baby, I ter"passed" by The Nail Parlour. Alang-alang dah sampai Alamanda kan, and that time tak ramai orang sangat. So yeah, I decided for ZEN Foot Spa since they got 15% promotion. Tengah-tengah foot spa tu, the staff suggested for manicure while waiting for kaki di"spa"kan. Hihi. I add-on the manicure too! Now I have a complete foot & hand treatment. Hihi. Oh yeah, for ZEN Spa they provide us a private space, boleh feeling-feeling exclusive la inside. At first I was placed at the normal section because the private space was full. But after 5 minutes, I was transferred to the private room. Anyway, I like the ambience, pink color here and there. Nice!:)

Now back to the real reason. Haha! Penat dah jalan here and there cari baju baby and lastly I decided untuk beli from Lovely Lace Baby. Semua cantik! But my niece baru 3 months. So not much option lah and size pon limited. I bought a dress and headband for her since she is botak and many people confused bout her gender. Haha. Pity Khyra. 

Si Botak!


  1. i did mu pedicure once in Alamanda yesrs ago but can't remember which shop..tp yg pasti kedai tu dekat dgn Baskin Robins..

    1. yeah, i think previously The Nail Parlour ni dekat dalam one of the salon nearby Baskin Robin.. now they have their own shop.. hihi.. if im not mistaken la.. :)