12 March 2014

ELF & Revlon Lipsticks

To be honest, its been a while I stop buying cosmetics. First, due to my work which I dont need to put on makeup because I dont deal direct with customer like my previous job (Sales Advisor). Second is I work in shift, so wearing makeup at nite kinda too much I guess since the only thing I faced for 12 hours is my laptop. Haha. Same goes during the day shift. Most of my colleague are guys, and if I put on something such as eyeliner or noticeable lipstick color they will say sumthing like "ooo, makeup ehhh arini..". *_*

But now, I'm back being a makeup addict. Cannot tahan tengok my dearest Kak Fatima and her makeup collection. Everything look nice on her! Hehe. Okay, back to my recent purchase; elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters) which I bought online. And another 2 Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm (225-Sultry Sulfureuse) and Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse) that I bought during my Bangkok trip last week.

From left (below picture) : Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse), Matte Balm (225-Sultry Sulfureuse), elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters)

Without any lipstick on.

elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters)

 Matte Balm (225-Sultry Sulfureuse)

Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse)

I'm not good at this, but I think you can get the famous Korean lip tint look using Lacquer Balm (125-Flirtatious Charmeuse)

I love all of them! Especially elf Jumbo Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters) because of the natural looks so nobody can notice it. Haha. I'm planing to get another elf Jumbo Gloss Stick color Umbrella soon. Hihi!



  1. wish we have revlon here!!tak tahan tgk revlon tu!!

    1. kat malaysia ada je revlon tapi kat bangkok jugak beli. haha. ada sale that time, 30% / 50% off kot. forgot.

  2. The Revlon Matte Balm looks gorgeous!

    1. yerp.. love the texture! hehe. btw, dont know why i cant follow ur blog :(